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Students Complete First IUP Life Framing Leadership Academy

Posted on 5/1/2013 7:32:29 PM

Seven students recently completed the first IUP leadership academy, supervised by Erick Lauber in collaboration with the Center for Student Life.

As participants, students attended 10 weekly sessions discovering their own strengths, exploring leadership communication styles, and interviewing top campus and community leaders.

Completing the inaugural academy were Eunjin Kim, Geonmi Kang, Sam Conklin, Josh Kratz, Jinhee Kim, Nicole Gervase, and Isidora Perovic.

As a recognized speaker cosponsored by the Journalism Department, Lauber provides leadership training to organizations in Western Pennsylvania and volunteered to run this first leadership academy during Spring 2013. The students were from several departments on campus, and they celebrated completion of the course with a pizza party in the Journalism Department on April 30, 2013.

First Life Framing Leadership Academy

From left: Eunjin Kim, Geonmi Kang, Sam Conklin, Erick Lauber, Josh Kratz, Jinhee Kim, Nicole Gervase, Isidora Perovic