• LinkedIn is a networking site in every definition of the word. This social network is aimed at literally networking people together professionally.

    One can upload his or her résumé to the site and branch out to a series of professional connections.

    IUP encourages LinkedIn users to join the “Alumni Connections” group. This is the largest network of any IUP affiliated network. LinkedIn users have a much better opportunity of finding connections through this network than if they were to join a brand new one with limited members.

    Creating a subgroup of the Alumni Connections page is the recommended way to go, but first you need to determine if you belong on this network.

    Branching Off from a Larger Group is a Good Idea

    It’s all about the network size—especially when it comes to LinkedIn. If you are planning on creating a networking group for alumni or current students from your department or organization, wouldn’t it be most logical to provide them with the largest network possible?

    Creating a new group for your department or organization is essentially starting from scratch, building a network one person at a time.

    Review the contents of this section to learn more about LinkedIn and how to effectively use it to achieve your goals.