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IUP policy shift allows official use of preferred names

IUP's Tedd Cogar talks about IUP's preferred name policy and gender neutral bathooms.

Posted on 3/27/2017 10:53:10 AM

Alexander VanWoert, Mercer, has been selected for the Sutton Scholars academic achievement scholarship program at IUP

A student from Mercer is selected as a Sutton Scholar.

Posted on 3/21/2017 5:01:26 PM

Local students selected for IUP scholarships

Two local students from the region are recognized as Sutton Scholars.


Posted on 3/21/2017 4:58:53 PM

Local IUP students selected for foundation scholarship program

Local Sutton Scholars are recognized and profiled.

Posted on 3/21/2017 4:56:34 PM

Campus achievement

Local students who were selected as Sutton Scholars are profiled.

Posted on 3/21/2017 4:52:04 PM

U.S. high schools should teach creative problem-solving: John McCarthy (Opinion)

IUP Professor of Counseling Dr. John McCarthy offers comments about creative problem solving.

Posted on 3/8/2017 6:26:02 PM

S&T Bank Chief Banking Officer Receives Statewide Award

IUP graduate and member of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Business Advisory Council Becky Stapleton has won the inaugural Champion for Women Award from the Pennsylvania Bankers Association.

Posted on 3/8/2017 5:16:48 PM

'Very charismatic and very authentic’: Irish band Caladh Nua coming to IUP in March

IUP Lively Arts continues its tradition of bringing unique talent to IUP with the Irish band Caladh Nua.

Posted on 2/27/2017 8:35:43 AM

Local IUP culinary arts students receive academic honors

Students from Clearfield County on the Academy of Culinary Arts Dean's Recognition List are recognized.

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:13:04 PM

IUP dean's list

Dean's list students from Northumberland County are recognized.

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:10:49 PM

IUP Dean’s List for Berks County

Dean's list students in Berks County are recognized.

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:06:40 PM

Combining thrill of the hunt, cooking

Retired Academy of Culinary Arts chef Albert Wutsch is a featured speaker at sports and travel shows, talking about preparation of wild game.

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:03:12 PM

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to seek consultant to deal with deficit

IUP Council of Trustees President Sam Smith talks about the upcoming State System study.

Posted on 2/8/2017 5:33:56 PM

Planting the seed: IUP program aims to get kids invested in science at an early age

Dr. Lawrence Kupchella is part of IUP's Visiting Scientist Program, which takes science to K-12 schools to interest students in science and encourage communication between schools and colleges.

Posted on 2/8/2017 5:31:04 PM

A touch of Indian culture: IUP brings Bollywood to Pennsylvania stage

IUP's Lively Arts "Taj Express" is highlighted as a chance to experience Indian culture and entertainment at an affordable price.

Posted on 2/2/2017 9:46:30 AM

Bats in the Bronx

IUP biology professor Dr. Joseph Duchamp is used as an source for a story in Scientific American about bat habitats (green roofs) in New York City.


Posted on 1/27/2017 9:50:50 AM

Lake-Lehman graduate Clayton Vasey accepted to medical school

An IUP student who was a high school valedictorian has been accepted to medical school.

Posted on 1/26/2017 3:09:22 PM

IUP criminology program ranked in top 10 for best program

IUP's online master of arts in criminology program is ranked, once again, in the top 10 by U.S. News & World Report.

Posted on 1/12/2017 12:37:21 PM

IUP professors remember Trooper Weaver as criminology student

Two IUP professors talk about the late Landon Weaver, a former IUP student and Pennsylvania State Police officer, who was killed in the line of duty.

Posted on 1/10/2017 1:23:16 PM

Harrisburg City Islanders Introduce Three New Staff Members to the Club

IUP graduate Madeline Williams is named to the Harrisburg City Islanders management team.

Posted on 1/10/2017 1:19:29 PM

Newsmaker: Carla Conrad

IUP graduate and current graduate student Carla Conrad is recognized for her promotion to the position of executive director of Breathe Pennsylvania.

Posted on 1/10/2017 1:16:01 PM

Ellwood man graduates from IUP with perfect GPA

An IUP December graduate who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average is profiled.

Posted on 1/10/2017 1:12:53 PM

College notes

IUP's December commencement student speaker is recognized.

Posted on 12/19/2016 3:45:23 PM

IUP grad honored for perfect GPA

An IUP graduate from Ellwood City is recognized for achieving a perfect 4.0 grade point average.


Posted on 12/19/2016 3:42:50 PM

Rivera Selected for IUP Scholarship

An IUP student is recognized for receiving the Robert and Ruth O'Connor Scholarship.

Posted on 12/16/2016 11:54:30 AM

Ellwood City native notches perfect GPA at IUP

A local man graduating with a perfect 4.0 grade point average will be honored at IUP commencement.

Posted on 12/14/2016 9:26:09 AM

Hundreds take Pittsburgh Polar Plunge into Ohio River for Special Olympics

Members of IUP's Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity participated in the Pittsburgh Polar Plunge to raise funds for Special Olympics.

Posted on 12/12/2016 10:01:22 AM

Astronauts from Pennsylvania: Who's gone from the Keystone State to the space program?

IUP graduate Dr. Patricia Robertson is included in this article about astronauts from Pennsylvania.

Posted on 12/12/2016 9:55:21 AM

Showing Holiday Spirit: IUP Museum Features Model Trains and Quilts

The IUP University Museum's holiday show is highlighted.

Posted on 12/1/2016 11:17:44 AM

New director of liberal studies selected at IU P

IUP mathematics professor Dr. Edel Reilly is selected to serve as IUP's director of Liberal Studies.

Posted on 11/18/2016 10:53:21 AM

Area colleges, universities named 'military-friendly'

IUP is recognized as a "military friendly" university by Victory Media.


Posted on 11/16/2016 8:45:27 AM

IUP releases summer Dean's Lists

IUP students on the summer Dean's List are recognized.

Posted on 11/16/2016 8:43:55 AM

Colleges strike deals to smooth student transfers

IUP's transfer and articulation agreements with community colleges help students like Casey Jarding to complete her college education in four years and in a more affordable way.

Posted on 11/15/2016 2:35:28 PM

New borough manager named in Greencastle

An IUP Employment and Labor Relations graduate has been named to the position of borough manager in Greencastle.

Posted on 11/8/2016 10:57:25 AM

Latest Pennsylvania Poll Shows Interesting Trend in State’s Gun Owners

IUP professor of criminology Dr. Dennis Giever offers comments on the trend of women buying guns for protection in Pennsylvania.

Posted on 11/3/2016 10:17:44 AM

W.Pa. veterans employment summit planned

IUP is part of a regional employment summit for veterans.

Posted on 11/3/2016 10:04:09 AM

New Pennsylvania Hilton Garden Inn Opens in City of Indiana

The Hilton Garden Inn adjacent to the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex is open.

Posted on 11/3/2016 8:40:27 AM

Amcham takes aim at cyber terrorism

The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago has partnered with IUP experts to present programs about cyber terrorism at the annual international conference.

Posted on 10/26/2016 3:54:45 PM

On campus from Oct. 18, 2016

Crimson Court member Kara McClain is spotlighted.

Posted on 10/18/2016 1:16:05 PM

Kittanning Grad Part of IUP Homecoming Crimson Court

IUP Crimson Court member Cara Masters is highlighted by The Kittanning Paper.

Posted on 10/14/2016 4:54:33 PM

Artist Milton H. Bancroft rediscovered

IUP's University Museum is credited for keeping the work of Milton Herbert Bancroft alive.

Posted on 10/12/2016 4:25:48 PM

BioBlitz Comes to Crooked Creek Next Weekend

IUP's Environmentally Conscious Organization (ECO) will be holding a BioBlitz program for parents and children at the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center.

Posted on 10/5/2016 10:52:13 AM

College opened up country portal for rural rocker Michael Christopher

Michael Christopher Palguta, IUP communications media graduate, is on the country music performance circuit.

Posted on 10/3/2016 1:52:05 PM

Love of animals spurred career change for 'Life at Vet U' star

IUP English graduate Melanie Lang is part of the Animal Planet reality show "Life at Vet U."

Posted on 10/3/2016 1:48:33 PM

College students step up to help save lives amid opioid overdose crisis

IUP's efforts to help save students from alcohol and other drugs -- making student safety a priority -- is hghlighted.

Posted on 10/3/2016 1:42:31 PM

School districts struggle to attract diverse teachers

Dr. Robert Millward's collaborative grant project to interest more black students in teaching is trying to help diversify Pittsburgh schools.

Posted on 10/3/2016 1:37:59 PM

EgoPo Classic Theater Announces DELIRIUM

IUP theater professor Brian Jones and IUP theater alumni are part of a Philadelphia premiere.

Posted on 9/23/2016 9:41:30 AM

Exonerated man struggled through his first year of freedom

IUP students in the Journalism and Public Relations Department are part of efforts to help wrongly incarcerated Lewis "Jim" Fogle.

Posted on 9/19/2016 9:11:43 AM

Is it possible to be stung by a jellyfish in Indiana?

Retired professor Dr. Terry Peard (Biology) talks about freshwater jellyfish.

Posted on 9/14/2016 9:25:08 AM

Prosecution not always goal in terrorism-related cases

IUP criminology professor Dr. Dennis Giever gives comment about prosecution of terrorism-related cases.

Posted on 9/12/2016 9:17:14 AM

First Person: My daughter's 9/11

IUP Professor of Counseling Dr. John McCarthy's essay on 9-11 and its impact on  him and his family appears in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Posted on 9/12/2016 9:11:17 AM

In memoriam, the Pennsylvania victims of the Sept. 11 attacks: Editorial

The Harrisburg Patriot-News/Penn Live remembers the residents of Pennsylvania, including IUP's Donald Jones, who lost their lives in the attack on our nation on Sept. 11, 2011.


Posted on 9/12/2016 8:54:44 AM

Paranoids in the Age of Digital Surveillance

Dr. David LaPorte, professor of psychology and author of Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion from the Dubious to the Delusional, is the author of an essay, "Paranoids in the Age of Digital Surveillance," published in Slate.

Posted on 9/7/2016 6:54:25 PM

In My Opinion: Future of IT in Higher Education

IUP's Chief Information Officer Bill Balint authored an essay about the future of IT in higher education for Education Technology Insights.

Posted on 9/7/2016 6:05:18 PM

College readers combat trend of divisiveness

IUP's Cook Honors College Common Reader program is highlighted.

Posted on 9/7/2016 5:40:11 PM

With the Right Management, Pennsylvania Landowners Bringing Birds to Forest

Dr. Jeffrey Larkin's work with songbird habitats is recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Posted on 9/7/2016 5:33:14 PM

FMU welcomes 25 new faculty members for new academic year

Francis Marion University new faculty include IUP graduate Joseph Kennedy Bethle.

Posted on 9/7/2016 5:29:30 PM

International leaders in education program, US

A teacher from Nagaland writes about her experience with the International Leaders in Education Program at IUP.

Posted on 9/7/2016 5:25:43 PM

Fewer college students opt to pursue career as teachers

IUP College of Education Dean Lara Luetkehans talks about the shift in demand for education as a major by students and some strategies IUP is using to help IUP graduates stand out in the job market.

Posted on 8/15/2016 10:13:14 AM

Penn Highlands announces tenured faculty members

Three IUP graduates or current students were granted tenure at Penn Highlands Community College.

Posted on 8/8/2016 11:30:53 AM

Fort Necessity National Battlefield: A living, evolving lab for historical research and interpretation

IUP's Dr. Ben Ford discusses the role of anthropologists at a local historical site.

Posted on 8/8/2016 10:43:51 AM

Schools Nudging College Students on Meningitis B Vaccination

Policies held by different universities related to meningitis vaccines are discussed.


Posted on 8/1/2016 11:45:02 AM

Providing security in the wild west world of higher education

IUP Chief Information Officer Bill Balint discusses issues on technology security facing colleges and universities.

Posted on 7/28/2016 2:19:32 PM

RFK's Best & Brightest Join Summer Honors Program

IUP's Cook Honors College summer program for high school students is recognized in Queens, N.Y.

Posted on 7/28/2016 2:13:54 PM

Dinosaur quarry remains a cold case

Dr. Jonathan Warnock (biology) and his students are actively contributing to finding answers to a scientific mystery at a dinosaur quarry in Utah.

Posted on 7/25/2016 12:11:20 PM

148 million years later, dinosaur quarry remains a cold case

The bones and fossils uncovered at the Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry by IUP biology faculty member Dr. Jonathan Warnock and IUP students lead to more questions than answers.

Posted on 7/25/2016 12:07:17 PM

Zeta Phi Beta honors 6 with scholarship awards

A Philadelphia student was honored with a scholarship to attend IUP.


Posted on 7/20/2016 12:42:04 PM

Greater Johnstown graduate 'on top of the mountain' at Republican National Convention

IUP graduate Justin Capouellez is attending the Republican National Convention through IUP's partnership with The Washington Center.

Posted on 7/20/2016 12:31:47 PM

Addiction recovery app makes its debut

IUP graduate Ryan Brannon's mobile app to help recovering addicts, developed while he was a student at IUP, had its public release.

Posted on 7/19/2016 9:00:58 AM

Local colleges strive to help first-generation students stay in school

IUP's Upward Bound program is recognized for its success in helping students succeed and be retained at IUP.

Posted on 7/18/2016 1:34:53 PM

Tracking Songbird Process in Pennsylvania's Forests

Professor of biology Dr. Jeff Larkin's work with songbirds is profiled.

Posted on 7/15/2016 9:05:37 AM

Nonprofit recounts Westmoreland efforts, honors 25 champions

IUP was one of 25 "champions" honored by the Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County.

Posted on 7/15/2016 8:40:46 AM

Federal program offers college education to inmates in Pennsylvania

IUP is one of four institutions in the state chosen for the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program.

Posted on 7/11/2016 3:20:47 PM

Workforce Challenges Drive Educational Changes

IUP at Northpointe hosted the Allegheny Conference's report on workforce planning, which included IUP President Dr. Michael Driscoll.

Posted on 7/11/2016 3:12:47 PM

148 million years later, the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Utah remains a cold case

IUP geoscience professor Dr. Jonathan Warnock led a group of IUP students for a 10-day project at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. The scientists are working to find out why so many carnivores are gathered in one place.

Posted on 7/8/2016 10:22:06 AM

Interact with Paleontologists at Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry This Week

IUP students, led by Dr. Jonathan Warnock, were part of a summer project in Utah at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

Posted on 7/8/2016 10:09:21 AM

Armstrong County has 1 of the highest unemployment rates in state

IUP Northpointe hosted the Allegheny Conference to discuss a recent workforce development report. IUP President Dr. Michael Driscoll was part of the discussion.

Posted on 7/6/2016 2:03:23 PM

PA colleges get federal grant funds for inmate education program

IUP is recognized for its selection as one of four Pennsylvania universities for the Second Chance Pell Program.

Posted on 7/5/2016 3:41:05 PM

Editorial: Pilot education program essential to re-entry

IUP is praised as one of four institutions in Pennsylvania selected for the Second Chance Pell Program.

Posted on 7/5/2016 3:22:54 PM

Indiana University of Pa. to offer need-based aid to prisoners

IUP is one of only four universities in Pennsylvania chosen for the Second Chance Pell pilot program.

Posted on 7/5/2016 3:15:17 PM

Local Senatorial Intern Attending Republican National Convention

IUP student Jason Capouellez will be attending the Republican convention in Philadelphia as part of an academic experience.

Posted on 7/5/2016 3:08:07 PM

Villanova receives federal grant to allow inmates access to higher education

IUP was selected for the Second Chance Pell Program. IUP will partner with prisons in Houtzdale and Indiana to offer on-line courses to qualified inmates.

Posted on 7/5/2016 12:47:07 PM

Midlock, Alicia named principals

A graduate of IUP is named principal in the Greene County school district.

Posted on 7/5/2016 8:51:43 AM

College welcomes faculty

IUP graduate gets position at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

Posted on 7/5/2016 8:47:29 AM

Landstown High grad Norfleet gets top honor at Pa. college

IUP basketball player Brandon Norfleet is recognized as the IUP Male Athlete of the Year.

Posted on 6/16/2016 3:53:44 PM

Campus Notes - Pocono Record

A local IUP graduate is featured.

Posted on 6/16/2016 3:51:50 PM

IUP hired to monitor water for Westmoreland authority

IUP students and faculty will continue a project to test water quality of Beaver Run Reservoir. This is the fifth year of the contract.

Posted on 6/9/2016 12:14:08 PM

Early Indian earthwork near Corry to be preserved

IUP students and faculty have been contacted about an archaeological dig opportunity in Corry.

Posted on 6/8/2016 1:17:01 PM

On Campus

A student at the Academy of Culinary Arts is completing her externship.

Posted on 6/8/2016 1:13:07 PM

Awarded for academics

A 4.0 May graduate, Adam Klunk, is profiled in his hometown newspaper for his accomplishments.

Posted on 6/8/2016 12:44:03 PM

Citizen Scholar Olga Stylianou: New country, new confidence

Olga Stylianou, originally from Cypress, is excited about studying management information systems at IUP.

Posted on 6/8/2016 12:39:34 PM

Female armed robber strikes again, this time in Brackenridge

IUP criminology professor Dr. Dennis Giever offers comments about women and crime.

Posted on 5/31/2016 11:04:00 AM

Local student honored for perfect grade point average at graduation

An IUP graduate from Crawford County was honored for a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Posted on 5/31/2016 10:51:00 AM

DEP study of leaky abandoned wells tries to quantify a hidden climate threat

IUP physics professor Dr. John Bradshaw offers comment about methane emissions from abandoned wells.

Posted on 5/26/2016 1:38:41 PM

London named new school superintendent in Smethport

David London, a master's degree graduate of IUP, has been named superintendent for the Smethport Area School District.

Posted on 5/13/2016 11:48:36 AM

Ellwood resident graduates from IUP with perfect GPA

An IUP 4.0 graduate is profiled for her accomplishment.

Posted on 5/13/2016 11:38:53 AM

CCAC South, IUP students visit Flint, Mich., provide bottled water

IUP's African American Cultural Center collaborated with the Community College of Allegheny County's South Campus for a service-learning trip to Flint, Mich. in April to deliver water and learn about the struggles, from its residents, that the town faces.

Posted on 5/6/2016 10:50:30 AM

Therapy pets help college students cope with stress

Dr. Mary Jalongo's work with therapy pets to help relieve stress is profiled.

Posted on 5/3/2016 2:36:53 PM

Therapy Dogs On A Mission To Embolden Test-Taking Students

IUP's program to bring puppies into the IUP Libraries during finals week is profiled, recognizing Dr. Mary Jalongo's work.

Posted on 5/3/2016 2:29:57 PM

Prison leader to get honorary doctorate

IUP will honor John E. Wetzel, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, with an honorary doctor of laws degree at commencement ceremonies on May 7.

Posted on 5/3/2016 2:25:52 PM

Wrongfully Convicted Indiana Man's Art Featured

An IUP Journalism and Public Relations class is helping to bring visibility to Lewis Jim Fogle's wrongful imprisonment.

Posted on 5/3/2016 2:23:03 PM

Western Pa. Goldwater scholarship winners encouraged to further research

IUP Goldwater Scholar Kara McClain is recognized with a story about the promise of regional Goldwater Scholarship recipients.

Posted on 4/20/2016 8:35:08 AM

CCAC, IUP Students Headed To Flint To Help With Water Crisis

IUP students and students from CCAC are part of a service learning trip to Flint, MI to deliver water and funds and learn about the issues in Flint.

Posted on 3/31/2016 6:20:30 PM

Shepherd professor named best in WV

An IUP graduate was named Professor of the Year for the state of West Virginia.

Posted on 3/31/2016 6:15:49 PM

Wrongfully incarcerated man who spent 34 years in prison brings his story to students

Students in IUP journalism professor Dr. David Loomis' Newswriting class heard from Jim Fogel, exonerated for a 34-year-old murder.

Posted on 3/30/2016 8:42:45 AM

Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor invents microchip that detects food spoilage

Dr. Gregory Kenning, a physics professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, whose research team has gotten a patent for high-tech time/temperature indicators that will tell consumers when their food in the refrigerator has spoiled.

Posted on 3/29/2016 6:45:25 PM

CCAC, IUP students prepare trip to assist Flint in water crisis

IUP students will be working with students from CCAC to deliver water to the citizens of Flint, MI. The service learning project at IUP has been coordinated by the African American Cultural Center.

Posted on 3/29/2016 6:27:50 PM

Team prepares for IUP St. Patrick's revelry

The Indiana Area Community Team continues its work to maintain responsible behaviors during spring celebratory events.

Posted on 3/19/2016 9:49:36 AM

Better Than A Sell-By Date, Your Phone Could Soon Tell You How Fresh Your Food Is

Physics professor Dr. Greg Kenning and his students discover a new way to tell if food is fresh.

Posted on 3/4/2016 5:04:53 PM

Jennings center sponsoring February events

IUP biology professor Dr. Thomas Simmons and students continue work to spread information about blacklegged ticks and lyme disease in Pennsylvania.

Posted on 3/4/2016 5:00:52 PM

Preparing And Retaining Urban Teachers

IUP faculty member Dr. Shirley Johnson talks about the issues related to recruiting and retaining teachers in the urban setting.

Posted on 3/1/2016 4:06:51 PM

Penn Plaza Building Empties Out With Help From Volunteering Veterans

Members of IUP's ROTC program answered the call to help residents move out of a low-income apartment building in Pittsburgh.

Posted on 2/29/2016 8:40:26 AM

Travels Inspire Seton Hill University Art Professor's Work

IUP graduate Carol Brode is the director and curator of the Harlan Gallery at Seton Hill University.

Posted on 2/26/2016 4:40:53 PM

IUP grad eyes revived Arnold, New Kensington

IUP graduate Evan Tobin is working to revitalize downtown Arnold and New Kensington.

Posted on 2/3/2016 12:42:47 PM

Porter Ranch: Nosebleeds and Dead Hummingbirds

IUP Distinguished University Professor Dr. Krys Kaniasty provides commentary on natural disasters versus technological catastrophes and the effect both have on communities.

Posted on 1/29/2016 9:35:19 AM

How Obama is building the groundwork of his legacy on criminal justice reform

IUP criminology professor Dr. Alida Merlo offers commentary on President Obama's proposal to end solitary confinement for juveniles.

Posted on 1/29/2016 9:26:17 AM

IUP-Northpointe Students Transition into Semester

Students at Northpointe are smoothly transitioning into the spring semester.

Posted on 1/29/2016 9:16:07 AM

Giants to hire former Rutgers offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti Jr. as quarterbacks coach

Giants new head coach, Ben McAdoo, an IUP graduate, has hired another IUP graduate for his coaching staff, Frank Cignetti Jr.

Posted on 1/22/2016 12:00:31 PM

Westmoreland credit union branches teach money sense to students

An IUP student has benefitted from a program about financial literacy at his local bank branch.

Posted on 1/22/2016 11:56:31 AM

Report: Enrollment may be down at Pa.-owned schools, but conferred degrees are up

The number of degrees conferred by Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities has increased, despite enrollment declines.

Posted on 1/22/2016 11:53:17 AM

Ben McAdoo named New York Giants head coach

IUP graduate Ben McAdoo is the 17th head coach in franchise history for the New York Giants football team.

Posted on 1/15/2016 4:02:40 PM

CCAC, IUP Partner To Train Future Middle School Teachers

IUP and the Community College of Allegheny County have launched a new initiative for students interested in teaching at the middle school level.

Posted on 1/15/2016 11:55:10 AM

New Avonmore Mayor Raj Murthy on a Mission to Improve Pennsylvania Town

Associate Dean Raj Murthy was elected to serve as mayor of his American hometown of Avonmore. Murthy is originally from Pune, India.

Posted on 1/14/2016 2:56:38 PM

Progressland Person of the Week: Buhler spreads love of music for 40+ years

IUP music graduate Jay Buhler has been directing students and community members on a path full of music for more than 40 years.

Posted on 1/14/2016 2:52:43 PM

Pennsylvania Rep. Kotik of Robinson plans to retire

IUP graduate Nick Kotik, the ranking Democrat on the Gaming Oversight Committee for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has announced plans to retire.

Posted on 1/14/2016 2:49:28 PM

#Mobile Game Changers: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

IUP President Dr. Michael Driscoll, CTO Bill Balint and members of the IT team talk about how IUP is taking advantage of mobile devices to meet technology needs through Airwatch.

Posted on 1/14/2016 2:45:23 PM

Don’t Make San Bernardino a Victory for ISIS

IUP 2004 graduate Haider Mullick is the author of a guest editorial in the New York Times.

Posted on 12/15/2015 5:33:41 PM

Pa. House swears in David Reddecliff as its chief clerk

Longtime state House of Representatives staffer and IUP graduate David Reddecliff has been sworn in as the chief clerk for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Posted on 12/15/2015 5:26:39 PM

Soon-to-be IUP Grad Cherishes Armstrong Internship

IUP graduate Rebecca Hart completes the long road to a master's degree, including an internship at Armstrong Junior-Senior High School.

Posted on 12/15/2015 5:23:02 PM

IUP grad, longtime legislative administrator named Pa. House chief clerk

IUP graduate David Reddecliff is named chief clerk for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Posted on 12/15/2015 5:18:52 PM

Holiday organ recital slated at Pitt-Bradford

IUP organ professor Dr. Christine Clewell will perform an organ recital in Bradford, Pa.

Posted on 12/15/2015 4:31:26 PM

ABC of Eastern Pa. Signs Five-Year OSHA Partnership

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter is partnering with IUP's OSHA Program for the first time ever.

Posted on 12/15/2015 4:25:29 PM

NJAFP announces new hires

An IUP journalism graduate is hired by the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians.

Posted on 12/15/2015 4:23:08 PM

Northampton Community College educator named Pa.'s professor of the year

IUP graduate Javier Avila was selected as the 2015 Pennsylvania Professor of the Year.

Posted on 11/19/2015 5:43:12 PM

7 out of 10 women in Pa's prisons are mentally ill; why?

IUP professor of criminology emerita Dr. Rosemary Gido offers comments about why so many women in prison are mentally ill.

Posted on 11/19/2015 5:18:41 PM

Best College Reviews names the 50 most beautiful college arboretums

IUP's Allegheny Arboretum is included in Best College Review's Top 50 Most Beautiful College Arboretums.

Posted on 11/5/2015 12:11:28 PM

IUP students complete educational trek along Spanish pilgrimage route

Two local students were part of the IUP "Camino de Santiago" trip.

Posted on 10/23/2015 4:50:36 PM

Hires and promotions at Lehigh Valley businesses(1)

An IUP graduate has been promoted to a leadership role with an Allentown business.

Posted on 10/23/2015 4:47:30 PM

Mt. Lebanon to allow sharpshooting to cull deer

IUP biology professor Dr. Tom Simmons' Lyme disease research is cited as information used to decide to "cull" the deer herd in Pittsburgh.

Posted on 10/23/2015 4:43:37 PM

Alloy Pittsburgh is bringing group art exhibition to Rankin's Carrie Furnace

Two IUP art faculty members are part of Alloy Pittsburgh, an art project celebrating Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh.

Posted on 10/23/2015 4:39:57 PM

Versatility paying off for IUP's Walt Pegues

IUP Walt Pegues is recognized as an athlete and a scholar.

Posted on 10/23/2015 4:32:02 PM

Tick Check: Why Lyme Disease Is On The Rise in Pennsylvania

IUP professor of biology Dr. Tom Simmons talks about Lyme Disease and the ticks that carry them.

Posted on 10/7/2015 5:15:14 PM

East Boros to enshrine Class of 2015 at annual banquet

IUP graduate and athletic standout John Johnson was selected for induction into the East Boros Athletic Hall of Fame. Johnson is also a former men's basketball coach at IUP.

Posted on 10/2/2015 2:22:33 PM

Western Pennsylvania county website hacked

IUP Chief Information Officer Bill Balint offers comment on the hacking of the Indiana County website.

Posted on 9/29/2015 8:32:57 AM

Penn Hills garden center opens space for community activities, fall fest

IUP graduate Jayme Visnesky puts her degree in horticulture to good use as owner of the Penn Hill Lawn and Garden Center.

Posted on 9/29/2015 8:29:56 AM

Red Cross celebrates the 'heroes' of Western Pennsylvania

IUP Distinguished Alumni and Trustee Glenn Cannon is honored with the Community Leadership Award by the American Red Cross.

Posted on 9/25/2015 2:59:23 PM

Man files complaint against Swissvale police after recording aggressive behavior

IUP professor of criminology Dr. Dennis Giever speaks to issues about citizens recording police activity.

Posted on 9/25/2015 2:13:44 PM

IUP grant to combat underage drinking

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has received $39,992 from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to help to fund strategies to reduce underage and dangerous drinking.

Posted on 9/18/2015 9:01:54 AM

Harmonsburg resident awarded scholarship

Lisa Fletcher, a student in the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology has been selected for a scholarship by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Posted on 9/10/2015 4:47:14 PM

Researchers: Ticks, lyme disease abundant in western Pa.

An IUP team of undergraduate and a graduate student, led by Dr. Tom Simmons (biology) have published their findings about the prevalence of black-legged ticks (deer ticks) in Pennsylvania.

Posted on 9/10/2015 4:44:25 PM

Bones found during road project may be Spanish flu victims(2)

IUP faculty and students are part of a team investigating bones found at a roadway project, believed to be those of persons who died during a Spanish flu epidemic in 1918.

Posted on 9/8/2015 6:15:20 PM

Radar used to find more bones at Route 61 excavation site

IUP faculty and students are working with ground-penetrating radar to investigate bones found at a road construction site in Pottstown. The bones are believed to be those of persons who died during a Spanish flu epidemic in 1918.

Posted on 9/8/2015 6:12:10 PM

Bones found during road project may be Spanish flu victims(1)

IUP students and faculty are working at the site of a Pottsville road construction project where human bones have been found, using ground-penetrating radar to survey the property. It is believed that the bones are from persons who died from the Spanish flu epidemic.

Posted on 9/8/2015 6:03:42 PM

Bones found during road project may be Spanish flu victims

IUP will be at the site of a Pottsville road construction project where human bones have been found, using ground-penetrating radar to survey the property.

Posted on 9/8/2015 5:53:22 PM

Hacker stuns Dayton family with computer takeover

IUP technology experts Bill Balint and Paul Grieggs offer advice on how to prevent hackers from taking over your computer.

Posted on 9/4/2015 6:20:32 PM

Bone unearthed during road project may be Spanish flu victims

Members of IUP's Department of Anthropology will be helping to explore a stretch of roadway in Schuylkill County that may be the site of the remains of victims of the Spanish flu of 1918.

Posted on 9/1/2015 4:51:30 PM

What Killed the Dinosaurs in Utah's Giant Jurassic Death Pit?

IUP geology professor Dr. Jonathan Warnock was part of a team exploring a "Jurassic Death Pit" in Utah, trying to discover why the dinosaurs died.

Posted on 8/18/2015 12:58:46 PM

William Grant, Behind the Business

Accounting and economics major William (Bill) Grant, vice president of client services for Hildebrandt Learning Centers LLC, is profiled.

Posted on 8/18/2015 12:49:56 PM

McDonald's awards local scholarships

A Butler County student, Bryne Cunningham, who will be attending IUP this fall, received a scholarship from McDonald's, partly in recognition of her work in supporting the Ronald McDonald house program.

Posted on 8/14/2015 9:50:18 AM

I'm A Man, And I've Spent My Life Ashamed Of My Body

IUP professor of psychology Dr. David LaPorte talks about his study on male body image and perceptions.

Posted on 8/14/2015 9:35:39 AM

Bemidji Area Community Band wraps up summer concert series

IUP music graduate Dr. Fulton Gallagher will be the featured director for a summer concert series.

Posted on 8/12/2015 4:03:40 PM

Pittsburgh careers, promotions and more

IUP Distinguished University Professor Dr. Maureen McHugh has been selected for the Pittsburgh Action Against Rape board.

Posted on 8/12/2015 3:58:45 PM

Paranoia, Effective Networking, Archaeology of Misbehavior

IUP professor of psychology Dr. David LaPorte talks about paranoia and if Americans are becoming more paranoid. Dr. LaPorte is the author of a new book, Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion From the Dubious to the Delusional.

Posted on 8/12/2015 3:50:50 PM

What the Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theory Reveals About Americans

Dr. David LaPorte's article about paranoia in light of the Jade Helm conspiracy theory is featured in Time magazine. Dr. LaPorte is the author of a book coming out this fall, Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion From the Dubious to the Delusional.

Posted on 7/29/2015 12:29:17 PM

Is the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory a sign that Americans are becoming more paranoid?

Dr. David LaPorte, IUP professor of psychology, offers comments about paranoia and the "Jade Helm 15" exercise in Texas, related to his upcoming book, Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion from the Dubious to the Delusional.

Posted on 7/29/2015 12:14:45 PM

What Texas brouhaha over military training tells us about the brain

IUP professor of psychology Dr. David LaPorte is featured in an article about paranoia. He is the author of a book coming out this fall, Paranoid: Exploring Suspicious from the Dubious to the Delusional.

Posted on 7/29/2015 12:06:30 PM

Stories from Saint Vincent

IUP graduate Ed Bouchette talks about covering Steelers training camp.

Posted on 7/28/2015 1:26:11 PM

Krenn back home on air on Pittsburgh radiowaves

IUP graduate Jim Krenn is "back" on the Pittsburgh radio airwaves, although he never really left Pittsburgh.

Posted on 7/28/2015 1:22:58 PM

Upward Bound program, scholarship boost prospects of two local students

IUP's Upward Bound program has helped two students to receive the Mike and Susan Dell Foundation Scholarship.

Posted on 7/28/2015 1:20:16 PM

Franklin Regional grad ready to battle at national soccer tourney

IUP soccer player Cassidy LeDonne will be competing in the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships.

Posted on 7/28/2015 1:16:21 PM

Business Coming on Board

A 2015 graduate has been selected for the management trainee program at 84 Lumber.

Posted on 7/28/2015 12:57:44 PM

IUP team will monitor air near Mamont natural gas compressor station

A team from IUP has a contract with the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County to monitor air quality around a natural gas compressor. IUP physics professor John Bradshaw is leading the team of students.

Posted on 7/28/2015 12:53:18 PM

2 Butler County courses to host World Disc Golf Championships

J. Gary Dropcho, a professional Disc Golf Hall of Famer got his start at IUP. He's organized a tournament in the region.

Posted on 7/28/2015 12:49:49 PM

Senior professor Jesick having time of his life at IUP

IUP senior faculty member Dr. Randy Jesick looks back on his 45 years at IUP.

Posted on 7/28/2015 12:01:45 PM

Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans(1)

IUP will be able to expand financial help to veterans through a new state law.

Posted on 7/9/2015 8:20:13 AM

State-owned universities spend millions in race to snare students

IUP's work to recruit students includes the Time To Lead initiative, in its second year at IUP.

Posted on 7/9/2015 8:15:53 AM

Health Department Issues Warning As Lyme Disease Cases Double

IUP biology professor Dr. Thomas Simmons presents information on the prevalence of ticks that carry Lyme disease on KDKA-TV.

Posted on 7/9/2015 7:58:05 AM

Enterprise Mobility Management Tools Hit Campus

IUP's use of a program to help students use mobile devices more successfully and securely is profiled in this technology journal.

Posted on 7/6/2015 12:52:41 PM

Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans

IUP will be able to help veterans who are students under a new state law.

Posted on 7/6/2015 11:56:43 AM

Neighborhood News

An IUP student from Clifton Heights is recognized for receiving a Greek Distinguished Service Award.


Posted on 7/6/2015 11:51:13 AM

New symphony director enthused by orchestra, Springfield

IUP graduate Lou Ross is making beautiful music -- in terms of publicity and recognition -- for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

Posted on 7/6/2015 11:47:00 AM

Jim Haslett to serve as consultant for Penn State football

IUP graduate Jim Haslett has a new position with Penn State football.

Posted on 6/24/2015 3:20:13 PM

Volusia’s former school superintendent named state BPW Glass Ceiling award winner

IUP master's graduate Margaret Smith was recognized with a "Glass Ceiling" award from the Florida state Business and Professional Women's organization.

Posted on 6/24/2015 2:56:19 PM

Gateway grad Mandella ready for challenges in and out of pool at IUP

Swimming start Sydney Mandella is ready for both athletic and academic challenges at IUP.

Posted on 6/18/2015 8:33:24 AM

Then and Now: Graduating OJR triplets help recreate kindergarten photos

Triplets graduating from Owen J. Roberts High School are featured with then and now pictures. One of the triplets will be attending IUP.

Posted on 6/15/2015 11:10:02 AM

Orbital Tracking Corp. Names Theresa Carlise as CFO

An IUP finance graduate, Theresa Carlise, has been named CFO of Orbital Tracking Corporation.

Posted on 6/15/2015 11:04:58 AM

Shaler Area hires interim superintendent

IUP graduate Victor Morrone has been named acting superintendent for the Shaler Area School District.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:57:03 AM

Collins Hill grad Box excited to play pro football in Serbia

IUP graduate Michael Box will be playing professional football in Serbia.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:53:59 AM

Voting now open to aid Sideline Cancer team

Two former IUP basketball players, Darryl Webb and Akida McLaine, are part of a charity basketball tournament to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:51:02 AM

Recently retired Edgeworth teacher's impact spans generations of 1 family

IUP education graduate Dianne Rotz is teaching the children of children she first taught.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:43:22 AM

Snacks'N At: White Rabbit Cafe & Patisserie, Greensburg

An Academy of Culinary Arts graduate is a partner in a new business in downtown Greensburg.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:38:53 AM

Preview: The Clarks salute their idols on 'Rewind'(1)

IUP's "The Clarks," a band that got its start at IUP and in Indiana, are on stage again in Pittsburgh.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:35:21 AM

Preview: The Clarks salute their idols on 'Rewind'

The Clarks, a band with roots in Pittsburgh, continue to recognize its start at IUP.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:32:37 AM

Lyme disease on the rise, Allegheny County health department records show

IUP professor of biology Dr. Thomas Simmons is part of a study that shows deer ticks are present in all 67 Pennsylvania counties.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:29:12 AM

Success always followed Taylor

IUP basketball standout Yancey Taylor has been selected for the Mid Mon Valley All Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:26:10 AM

Come and get it: Chef’s 117 eatery slated to open in downtown Bradford next month

IUP Culinary Arts graduate Justin Work is preparing to open a new restaurant in Bradford.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:20:07 AM

Spotlight Shines on No-Cost Kindle Offer For Thriller Novel Pulse June 12-16

IUP graduate Robert Cook, a philanthropist and gold medal-winning author, is offering a special offer in conjunction with his latest book, Pulse.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:15:34 AM

DEP study reveals Lyme disease risk in all 67 Pa. counties

IUP professor of biology Dr. Thomas Simmons was part of a study with the Department of Environmental Protection that found deer ticks are in all 67 Pennsylvania counties.

Posted on 6/15/2015 10:11:28 AM

Pittsburgh police seek help to solve shooting death of 14-year-old

IUP criminology professor Dr. John Lewis is quoted in an article about police departments asking neighborhood residents to come forward to provide crime-solving information.

Posted on 6/9/2015 3:43:09 PM

Pa. boy's unsolved drive-by shooting death gnaws at cops

IUP criminology faculty member Dr. John Lewis offers commentary about police departments involving the community in solving crimes.


Posted on 6/9/2015 3:40:05 PM

Students in the News

IUP student Estefania Alba-Rodriquez was honored with awards from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Posted on 6/9/2015 3:37:16 PM

CEI Names Chris Villella Director of Account Management for Special Markets

IUP graduate Chris Villella is named to a new position at CEI Group Inc.

Posted on 6/9/2015 3:31:13 PM

She makes art of the grotesque and her followers eat it up

Anhia Santana, an IUP psychology graduate who works by day with children with ADHD, has developed a unique brand as a visual artist. Better known as the visual artist Distortedd, her work has taken her around the country and has allowed her to meet rap artists and have her own exhibitions in Miami, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Posted on 6/9/2015 3:20:43 PM

IUP's offshore studies supply graduates with world-view

IUP, a leader in international education among the 14 state-owned universities, is the only university in the system to offer offshore programs. IUP's program in Jenin has been one of these successful programs.

Posted on 6/9/2015 3:12:04 PM

Hey HR, What Do Employees Really Want?

IUP masters in safety graduate Ed Krow, principal at TurboExecs, has some unique ideas about how to turn human resources inside out.

Posted on 6/4/2015 9:46:21 AM

Rekindle the Spirit announces summer workshops

IUP art graduate Courtney Grieve is part of a summer art workshop for children.

Posted on 6/4/2015 9:18:59 AM

Pine Grove graduates inspired by peer

A Pine Grove woman, attending IUP's Robert E. Cook Honors College this fall, was the speaker for her high school graduation. Michelle Lengel is a cancer survivor and is described as an "inspiration" to her classmates and community.

Posted on 6/4/2015 8:32:07 AM

Mentoring Helps Shape Our Profession’s Future

IUP professor of Safety Sciences Dr. Wanda Minnick and students in safety sciences are recognized for a recent article about the benefits of mentoring for both the mentor and mentee.

Posted on 6/2/2015 12:02:49 PM

North Hills High School principal to take same post at North Allegheny

IUP graduate John Kreider was selected to serve as principal of North Allegheny Senior High School.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:31:56 PM

Johnsonburg police chief retiring

IUP criminology graduate and police academy graduate Bryan Parana retiring as the Johnsonburg chief of police after a laudatory career.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:26:02 PM

Walker to speak at Smethport graduation ceremony

Former IUP graduate Mark Walker, who did research as an undergraduate on sexual harassment and the workplace, will be the commencement speaker for his high school.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:22:36 PM

Waynesboro native receives high honor for playing tuba

An IUP music education graduate has been selected for a prestigious summer music symposium.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:19:30 PM

Forsyth to speak at Kane High graduation

IUP graduate Col. Lisa Forsyth will be the commencement speaker for her high school.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:16:19 PM

Gryphon House releases Literacy for All Young Learners

Retired Professional Studies in Education professor Dr. Mary Renck Jalongo has authored a book about "literacy for all learners."

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:11:48 PM

Personally Speaking – Dr. Shawn Holliday

An IUP doctoral graduate is now working in Alva, Oklahoma.

Posted on 6/1/2015 3:04:22 PM

Seminar on US Education Held in City

IUP and PES co-presented a program for students in India about opportunities for business education at IUP through PES.

Posted on 6/1/2015 2:58:35 PM

IUP honors Valley native

Posted on 6/1/2015 8:33:12 AM

Campus News

Posted on 5/29/2015 8:33:49 AM

Ligonier Valley chamber names new executive director

IUP graduate Anna Weltz has been named the new executive director for the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Posted on 5/21/2015 12:17:24 PM

High notes

Two IUP graduates have perfect 4.0 grade point averages.

Posted on 5/14/2015 1:29:50 PM

IUP students to test, analyze water supply in Westmoreland

IUP will continue to test and analyze water samples at and around Beaver Run Reservoir in Westmoreland County. This is the fourth year for the contract for the project, which involves students from geography and regional planning and chemistry.

Posted on 5/14/2015 1:15:28 PM

Penn State Tech Expo Shows Off Future of Education

IUP Information Technology administrator Tom Hoover speaks about changes in technology in the classroom.

Posted on 5/13/2015 3:07:01 PM

Newsmaker: Linus Morales

IUP student Linus Morales won second place in the national Chinese Bridge Speech Contest.

Posted on 5/13/2015 3:02:50 PM

Speaker's research exonerates Confederate leader Ewell

IUP doctoral graduate Mick Bednarski was a featured speaker at a regional roundtable on Civic War history. He presented on his dissertation about Civic War general Richard S. Ewell.

Posted on 5/13/2015 2:59:03 PM

IUP-Northpointe offering educational camps for high school students

IUP Northpointe will offer educational programs for high school students in a variety of sciences, including "green" science.

Posted on 5/5/2015 7:39:34 AM

Lyme Disease Continues To Spread With Hotter Weather And More Ticks

IUP's Dr. Thomas Simmons was part of a research team about Lyme disease and the prevalence of blacklegged ticks in Pennsylvania.

Posted on 5/4/2015 10:54:11 AM

DEP study: Lyme disease risk in all 67 Pennsylvania counties

IUP professor of biology Dr. Thomas Simmons was part of a study that found blacklegged (deer) ticks in all 67 Pennsylvania counties.

Posted on 5/4/2015 10:08:22 AM

Campus Notes: April 24, 2015

Nicole Robinson is selected for the 2015 Patricia Hilliard-Robertson Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Female Science Student at IUP.

Posted on 4/27/2015 9:55:15 AM

Campus Notes

IUP's Sigma Kappa fraternity raised $2,000 for veterans and their families through the annual chili cook-off.

Posted on 4/27/2015 9:52:17 AM

Campus News -- Chinese Proficiency Competition

IUP Robert E. Cook Honors College freshman Linus Morales places second in a national Chinese proficiency competition.

Posted on 4/27/2015 9:49:13 AM

Oil Makes a Comeback in Pennsylvania

Retired professor of industrial and labor relations Dr. Charles McCollester is used as an expert in an article about Pennsylvania's oil history.

Posted on 4/23/2015 12:38:21 PM

Western Pa. residents at risk for Lyme disease

IUP and Dr. Thomas Simmons, biology, helped to research the prevalence of the ticks that carry Lyme disease for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Posted on 4/23/2015 12:33:31 PM

Lyme disease cases from deer ticks are plummeting in Lancaster County. Why?

IUP and Dr. Thomas Simmons, biology, played a major role in a study about the ticks that carry Lyme disease.

Posted on 4/23/2015 12:30:06 PM

Counties issue Lyme disease warnings in Pennsylvania

IUP's Dr. Tom Simmons (biology) worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources on a new report about the prevalence of deer ticks in all Pennsylvania counties. Deer ticks are  the insects that carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Posted on 4/22/2015 11:47:11 AM

Cover up! Lyme disease causing deer ticks found in every Pennsylvania county; study says

IUP's Dr. Tom Simmons, Department of Biology, was part of a project for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection finding that blacklegged ticks ("deer ticks"), that often carry Lyme disease, have been found in all of Pennsylvania's 67 counties.

Posted on 4/21/2015 3:14:00 PM

Newsmaker: Gretchen McCormick

IUP senior Gretchen McCormick is recognized for her selection as the 2015 IUP Women's Senior Leadership Award recipient and for her work with IUP SEEDS.

Posted on 4/21/2015 8:52:59 AM

Newsmaker: Pao Ying Hsiao

IUP faculty member Pao Ying Hsiao is recognized as a finalist in the American Society for Nutrition's Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Competition.

Posted on 4/16/2015 12:33:47 PM

Shaler Area Superintendent to Take Top Job with Mars Area District

IUP graduate Wesley W. Shipley has been selected as the new superintendent for Mars Area School District.

Posted on 4/10/2015 4:37:02 PM

Special Olympics Equestrian Team of Indiana and Armstrong Counties Prepares for Horse Show

IUP student Kristen Kalanavich is working with Special Olympics athletes for both health and competition.


Posted on 4/9/2015 9:54:44 AM

Program Aims To Spark Grass-roots Revival of New Ken

IUP regional planning majors are working with New Kensington (Pa.) activists to help revitalize the community.

Posted on 4/1/2015 2:55:49 PM

Basile named new Bishop McCort head football coach

IUP graduate Brian Basile is named as coach for the Bishop McCort Catholic High School football team.

Posted on 4/1/2015 2:50:33 PM

IUP, WCCC Ink Reverse Transfer Agreement

IUP and Westmoreland County Community College have signed a reverse articulation agreement to help transfer students achieve an associate's degree at WCCC while studying at IUP.

Posted on 4/1/2015 2:05:56 PM

STEAM Academy of Warren teacher selected for US Navy Oceanography Officer Program

IUP graduate Nicole Mountain, a teacher in the Warren, Ohio, school district, was selected to become an oceanography officer in the United States Navy.

Posted on 4/1/2015 2:02:46 PM

Elite Eight Players Giving Back

The IUP men's basketball team took time while competing in the Elite Eight to spend time with children in the Evansville Boys and Girls Club.

Posted on 3/26/2015 8:18:41 AM

Reforestation Continuing At Flight 93 National Memorial

IUP students and faculty are part of the Flight 93 National Memorial Reforestation project.

Posted on 3/24/2015 8:30:46 AM

Military Magazine Names IUP on List

IUP has been selected by the Military Times for its 2015 listing of "Best for Vets: Business Schools."

Posted on 3/24/2015 8:23:21 AM

Spring Break on the Horizon, Students Ready to … Volunteer

IUP students actively participate in Alternative Spring Break programming, and members of the ROTC service fraternity are taking part in a 24-hour sleepout to benefit homeless veterans during spring break.

Posted on 3/6/2015 11:57:44 AM

Four Other PASSHE Schools Face per Credit Programs

IUP joining four other state system universities in launching a per-credit tuition model.

Posted on 3/4/2015 8:05:33 AM

Local High School Students Attend Leadership Conference

IUP ROTC students provide leadership training to local high school students.

Posted on 3/3/2015 5:13:33 PM

Corey King Named Vice President of Student Affairs After Interim Term

IUP doctoral graduate Dr. Corey King named vice president of Student Affairs at Florida Atlantic University.

Posted on 2/25/2015 1:03:33 PM

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