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Kally Graham

It is with sadness that we share news of the death of Kally Graham, daughter of Financial Aid staff member Kristen Graham. Kalysta “Kally” K. Graham, 16, of Punxsutawney, died Thursday, July 21, 2016, as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Posted on 7/24/2016 6:22:18 PM

Kwasi Yirenkyi

Kwasi Yirenkyi, retired emeritus faculty member from the Religious Studies Department, passed away May 31.

Posted on 6/3/2016 9:00:30 AM

Paul and Jane Wunz

Paul Wunz, retired emeritus faculty member from the Chemistry Department, passed away May 8. His wife, Jane Wunz, also a retired faculty member from the Chemistry Department, died two days prior on May 6.

Posted on 5/16/2016 9:10:50 AM

John Aaron Cross

John Aaron Cross, retired faculty member from the Computer Science Department, passed away on May 6.

Posted on 5/9/2016 11:19:53 AM

Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine Wilson, retired emeritus faculty member from the Music Department, passed away Monday, April 11.

Posted on 4/15/2016 3:29:24 PM

Anthony “Tony” Perman

Anthony “Tony” Perman, the father of Tony Perman, who is the afternoon building maintenance foreman, passed away on Friday, April 1.

Posted on 4/8/2016 1:42:32 PM

Josephine Kasubick

Josephine Kasubick, the mother of Lenny Kasubick, an employee with the Foundation for IUP, passed away on Friday, March 18.

Posted on 3/21/2016 10:43:21 AM

Earl Moses

Earl Moses, the grandfather of Malaika Turner, who works in the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, passed away on Tuesday, March 8.

Posted on 3/11/2016 9:22:20 AM

Paul W. Muller

Paul W. Muller, the father of Judy Simpson, who works in Financial Operations, passed away on Saturday, February 20.

Posted on 2/22/2016 2:36:34 PM

Donna M. (Strittmatter) Rusnak

Donna M. (Strittmatter) Rusnak, the mother of Lora Lee Bertig in Financial Accounting, passed away on Monday, January 11.

Posted on 1/14/2016 9:16:01 AM

Alan Turyan

Alan Turyan, husband of Julie Gomboc-Turyan, PhD, former faculty member in Interior Design, passed away November 28, 2015.

Posted on 12/4/2015 9:18:35 AM

Diane Friedline

I regret to inform you that Diane Friedline passed away on Wednesday, November 11.

Posted on 11/12/2015 2:00:24 PM

Rose M. Lombardi

Rose M. Lombardi, the mother of Joe Lombardi, the Men's Basketball coach in Athletics, passed away on Thursday, November 5.

Posted on 11/9/2015 10:19:10 AM

Richard Lee Davis

Richard Lee Davis, the father of Kathy Brewer, who works in the Center for Health and Well-Being, passed away on Thursday, October 8.

Posted on 10/13/2015 11:29:20 AM

Marie (Miller) Simon

Marie (Miller) Simon, the mother of Paul Simon, who works in Procurement Services, passed away on Saturday, October 10.

Posted on 10/12/2015 3:17:55 PM

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