Scholarship Fact Pack

  • Scholarship Award Amount

    • $7,500–$10,000 (or cost of attendance) per full-time enrolled year for up to two years.
    • Funds are paid directly to your university account for educational expenses.
    • Each year awarded requires two years of teaching in a high need school district.

    Stipend Award Amount

    • $10,000 maximum, not to exceed the cost of attendance, may be received for one year only.
    • Funds are paid directly to your university account for educational expenses.
    • The one-year award requires two years of teaching in a high-need school district.

    Who Can Apply For This Scholarship?

    Eligible applicants for a Noyce Stipend must have earned a degree in science or mathematics and make a commitment to completing certification requirements to teach secondary science or mathematics at a State System university within two years of the initial award. Applicants for Noyce Scholarship may be students currently completing a science or mathematics degree or postbaccalaureates holding a science or mathematics degree.

    • Applicants must have a qualifying cumulative GPA 3.00, with preference for those with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    • Transfer students or postbaccalaureates whose academic standing is/was less than 3.00 must complete a semester or more of coursework at a State System university to establish the qualifying GPA of 3.00.
    • All applicants must be full-time students during each semester for which the award is received.
    • Stated deadlines for application submission will apply for all applicants.

    Applying for the Scholarship

    How to Obtain an Application

    Applications may be obtained from designated contact faculty or administrators on each PASSHE campus, CareerLink Offices, or the PASSHE Foundation Office. Applications also may be obtained on-line through the IUP College of Natural Sciences and Math.

    Students Must Submit the Following

    1. Completed application
    2. Official transcripts from all institutions attended, including your current institution (please see Conditions on page 4 of the application)
    3. Two-page essay describing your personal and professional goals, commitment to teaching, and personal philosophy of teaching. Please describe any CETP-PA courses you have taken and any CETP-PA Math/Science Center events or educational experiences in which you have participated.
    4. Three letters of recommendation that must address, but are not limited to: a) the scholarship of the applicant, b) the character of the applicant, c) the interpersonal skills of the applicant relative to teaching, and d) the general interpersonal skills of the applicant.
    5. Resume

    All completed applications must be reviewed for completeness by your university Noyce Program contact person. The contact person will then submit the completed and approved application to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Foundation, Dixon University Center, 2986 N. Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110 on or before the stated deadline. The envelope must be clearly marked Noyce Scholarship Program. Applicants should not send their applications directly to the PASSHE Foundation Office.

    Application Deadlines and Award Announcements

    • Applications must be postmarked by April 20 or October 20 each year.
    • PASSHE NSF Noyce Scholarship Program awards will be announced in early January and early June.

    How Are Recipients Chosen?

    • Applicants will be reviewed by a screening committee using an instrument developed specifically for this program (see Attachment 1 in the application for selection criteria).
    • The highest scored candidates will receive scholarship/stipend awards until funds are depleted or until all acceptable candidates have received awards, whichever occurs first. All proposed awardees will be reviewed to ensure distribution among a diverse cohort. Awards will be made without regard to the State System University the applicant attends.

    Recipient Responsibilities Include

    1. Volunteering services to the university/CETP-PA Math and Science Centers
    2. Participating in local, regional, state, or national professional conferences and meetings
    3. Planning and presenting workshops or professional development activities
    4. Acting as liaisons between prospective Math and Science teacher students and the university by assisting with recruitment related activities
    5. Teaching or tutoring in their respective disciplines at the K-12 level
    6. Submitting a typed or word processed report summarizing their activities at the end of each awarded semester
    7. Developing/maintaining a personal webpage to share your learning and teaching experiences now and for three (3) years following your gaining employment
    8. Maintaining a qualifying cumulative GPA
    9. Carrying a minimum of 12 credits per semester during the duration of the award year (nine credits for graduate students)
    10. Other duties as determined by the university s contact person
    11. After achieving teacher certification, fulfilling the obligation to teach in a high-need school district within the time limit required by the Noyce Program


    • Award recipients will be selected from only those applicants whose packet is complete.
    • Transcript requirements:
      • Transfer students who are applying during their first semester at a State System university must include the official transcript from the previous institution they attended full time.
      • Postbaccalaureates who are applying during their first semester at a State System university must include the official transcript from their previous degree-granting institution.
        • Recipients must sign a statement of terms and conditions and a promissory note in order to finalize the award.
    • Summer funding is not provided. Prorated funding for less than full time is not provided.
    • Recipients will not qualify for a subsequent semester of scholarship/stipend funding if:
      • Their cumulative GPA becomes unsatisfactory
      • A review is unsatisfactory
      • A recipient changes out of the required discipline major, leaves the university before completing the discipline degree, or does not complete the certification program
      • Fails to submit required documents

    If you have questions, please contact:

    Ms. Eileen Showers
    PASSHE Foundation Office
    Dixon University Center
    2986 N.
    Second Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17110
    Phone: 717-720-4120