• Dear Noyce Scholarship Applicant:

    Within this packet you will find a Fact Pack which will provide you with the essential details for applying for a National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship or Stipend, along with general information about the scholarship/stipend, an application, and a copy of the selection criteria scoring sheet used by the reviewers. Additionally, the review committee may request an interview before making a final decision.

    This letter contains some additional information that you should read very carefully. The information below describes some of the expectations of you as an NSF Noyce Scholarship Program award recipient. Additional details will be found under the “Recipient Responsibilities Will Include” section of the Fact Pack.

    If you are a recipient of a Noyce Scholarship or Stipend, you will be required to stay in contact with us by mail, phone, or e-mail for three years following your employment as a teacher. Also, we have provided a server on which you will be required to place a personal webpage. This webpage must be kept current with information about yourself and your teaching experiences. You are encouraged to include photos of yourself and your students as a part of your webpage. More details about this will be provided later.

    By accepting a Noyce Scholarship or Stipend, you also are consenting to release pictures and information related to your participation in the Noyce Program and your future employment as a teacher. These pictures may be used in program promotional brochures and posters. Information regarding your teaching assignments will be used to complete reports to the National Science Foundation.

    This scholarship program is being implemented through the Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation for Science and Mathematics Project-Pennsylvania (CETP-PA), whose project office is located at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Each university in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has a designated Noyce Program contact person who can answer any questions you may have about this scholarship/stipend program. They are also your point-of-contact for the submission of your application. The PASSHE Foundation Office at 717-720-4120 is available to answer any questions.