Noyce Scholarship Program

  • The Robert Noyce Scholarship/Stipend program seeks to increase the number of basic education teachers with strong content knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

    The program provides funds for talented STEM majors and STEM professionals who commit to become mathematics and science teachers in high-need schools. Scholarships are provided to college/university juniors or seniors who are majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics who commit to completing certification in science or mathematics and teaching in a high-need school. Likewise, stipends are available for professionals seeking to become science or mathematics teachers who commit to teaching in a high-need school.

  • Noyce Scholarship Brochure
    Printable trifold brochure answering some frequently asked questions about the Noyce Scholarship/Stipend Program
    Noyce Scholarship Flier
    Attention-getting flier for posting
    Introductory letter for Noyce Scholarship Applicants
    Scholarship Fact Pack
    Important information about the Noyce Scholarship Program
    Cost of Attendance
    Details of costs associated with the Noyce Scholarship/Stipend program
    Implementation Responsibilities
    For NSF Noyce Scholars Program
    Frequently asked questions about the Noyce Scholarship/Stipend Program
    High-Need Schools
    High-need schools are found throughout the country. There are many websites which list high-need schools for different states.