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Woodwinds: Suggested Audition Materials


Choose two works of contrasting styles from the works listed below, or you may choose to prepare works of comparable difficulty:

  • Mozart, Concerto in G Major
  • Quantz, Concerto in G Major
  • Taktakishvili, Sonata (mvt 3)
  • Burton, Sonatine (mvt 3)
  • Chaminade, Concertino
  • Hindemith, Sonata


Prepare any of the works below (or works of comparable difficulty)

  • Cimarosa, Concerto
  • Handel, Concerto #3 in G Minor
  • Mozart, Concerto, K.314, 1st movement
  • Paladhilhe, Concertante
  • Barret, Oboe Method or Ferling 48 etudes (one slow, one fast)

Clarinet (Bb soprano only)

Clarinetists auditioning should prepare the chromatic scale (full range), major scales up to four flats and sharps and one of the following selections:

  • W.A. Mozart, Concerto, (play mvt. 1 or 3)
  • C.M. von Weber, Concertino, (all)
  • C. Saint-Saens, Sonata, (play mvts. 1, 2, or 4)
  • Gerald Finzi, Five Bagatelles, (play mvts. 1 or 5)
  • Two contrasting etudes from Cyrille Rose, 32 Etudes

Additional repertoire can be approved prior to the audition by Rosemary Brumbelow ( or 724-357-2068). Please call at least one month prior to the audition.

Please note: Audition is on Bb Soprano Clarinet only.


Bassoonists auditioning should prepare major scales up to three flats and sharps, a chromatic scale from low Bb to high F or Bb, and one of the following selections:

  • E. Bourdeau, Premier Solo, edited by H. Voxman, Rubank, Inc.
  • Any piece from Solos for the Bassoon Player, Sol Schoenbach, Schirmer, Inc.
  • Burrill Phillips, Concert Piece, Eastman School of Music c. 1940
  • Mozart, Concerto in B Flat, (K.191), Third Movement, Rondo

Additional repertoire can be approved prior to the audition by Dr. Jason Worzbyt ( or 724-357-2068). Please call one month prior to the audition.


Saxophonists auditioning should prepare all major scales, a chromatic scale the full range of the instrument, and choose one of the following to perform at the audition:

  • H. Couf, Introduction, Dance and Furioso (Play Introduction and either Dance or Furioso)
  • Two contrasting etudes (slow and fast) for Selected Studies for Saxophone by H. Voxman
  • H. Eccles, Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Play Mvts. 1, 2, and 4)

Additional repertoire can be approved prior to the audition by Dr. Keith Young ( or 724-357-2069). Please call one month before audition.

Note: You may audition on tenor or baritone saxophone, but, if at all possible, the audition should include at least one movement or etude on alto saxophone. If accepted as a Music major, all students are required to own an alto saxophone when they come to IUP.

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