Percussion: Suggested Audition Materials

  • Prepare an etude or solo for each of the following instruments:

    1. Snare drum (concert and/or rudimental)
    2. Keyboard percussion instruments (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone) (consider two mallets required, and four mallets an optional addition)
    3. Timpani (demonstrate fundamental skills, including tuning ability)

    Expect sight reading on snare and mallets.

    If you have specific pieces, etudes, or books in mind, you are welcome to contact the director of Percussion Studies to verify that your selections are appropriate or competitive via e-mail:

    If you do not have a private teacher or music director to assist you, it is recommended you select the material from More Audition Etudes by Garwood Whaley, published by Meredith, or something equivalent in nature.

    You should bring your own sticks, mallets, and music for the audition. Instruments will be provided, but some students opt to bring their own snare drums.