Director, Staff Team, and Employment Information

  • Meet our team of professional and dedicated staff members who are all current students enrolled in academic programs of study at IUP. Please let us know how we can help in your quest for health and fitness.

    Each year in August, a new management team steps in to begin their professional journey in the fitness center. These individuals are also graduate students earning their master’s degrees from the Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Science Department. They are pursuing degrees with concentrations either in Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Sport Studies.

    In addition to a new management team each academic year, the fitness center is staffed with interns and student workers.

    Each semester, towards the end of August and January, you will see the new faces of undergraduate students pursuing Sport Administration degrees completing their internship experiences in the fitness center.

    There are also student workers with various backgrounds and interests who add to our staff in a variety of ways as fitness instructors, personal trainers, or fitness and membership attendants. Please welcome new faces, and don’t be afraid to ask questions as we get to know you!


      Dr. Richard Hsiao
    Richard Hsiao, MS, MBA, PhD

    Staff Team 

    Graduate Assistants

    Darin Rauso
    Darin Rauso, Facility Manager
    Master’s Program:
    Sport Management
    Hometown: Homer City, PA
    Background: Darin earned his bachelor’s degree from IUP in 2015, majoring in sports management with a minor in business. He completed his internship at the James G. Mill Fitness Center this past summer, as well as interning at the Western and Southern professional tennis tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has had previous management experience in the restaurant industry, and he looks to use the knowledge he has gained in managing the fitness center, as well as future career endeavors.
    Interesting Fact: Darin has met many of the top male and female tennis players in the world, and is also a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan.

    Kirby Glancy
    Kirby Glancy, Assistant Manager 
    Master’s Program: Sport Management
    Hometown: Hartford City, IN
    Background: Kirby earned her bachelor's degree in exercise science from Manchester University in 2014, where she was a member of the softball team all four years. Last year she worked at Planet Fitness and coached high school softball. After she graduates, she would like to continue coaching and become an athletic director.
    Interesting Fact: Kirby fed stingrays at Sea World in San Diego, Calif. this past summer.

    Shawn Rause
    Shawn Rause, Assistant Manager
    Master’s Program: Sport Management
    Hometown: Latrobe, PA
    Background: Shawn received his bachelor’s degree in sports management with a minor in business administration in 2015 from IUP. He has also received an ASEP coaching certification in 2015. Shawn’s prior experience includes interning at the James G Mill Fitness Center as a junior, and working closely with the athletic director at Latrobe, where he managed the Steelers Friday Night Lights practice, and assisted with the building of a new sports complex. After earning his master’s degree, Shawn is hoping to work in facility management, or in an athletic department at the college level.
    Interesting Fact: Shawn is from the same hometown, and went to the same high school as Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers. 

    Interns and Staff

    Jeff Intern

    Jeff Vogel, Intern
    Major: Sports Administration with Minor in Business
    Hometown: Richboro, PA
    Background: Jeff has been involved in sports and athletic programs from elementary school up to his senior year in high school. Ice hockey was his primary sport followed by lacrosse. His experience in athletic facilities started his freshman year of high school at Fitlife Performance Training Center in Ivyland, PA. After four years of working there, he gained a great amount of knowledge and experience in running and maintaining an athletic facility. He joined the United States Army in 2012, and is still an enlisted soldier. The Army has allowed him to further his athletic abilities and apply them in different ways other than sports
    Interesting Fact: He enjoys practicing his balance on slack lines and tightropes. 

    Julie Calnan

    Julie Calnan, Staff
    Major: Theater
    Hometown: Ligonier, PA
    Background:  Julie is a 33-year-old transfer student from University of Northern Colorado. She lived in Colorado for 12 years, Seattle for one year, and moved back to her home state of Pa.
    Interesting Fact: Julie has climbed 12 of the 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado. The first one she climbed was Pikes Peak when she was 10.

    Sierra Conley

    Sierra Conley, Staff
    Major: Exercise Science
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Background: Sierra loves fitness and working out, and she hopes to open her own gym after she graduates. She is also in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and in the ROTC program.
    Interesting Fact: Sierra hopes to become a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

    Amy Fiorentini

    Amy Fiorentini, Staff
    Major: Exercise Science
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Background: Amy is 24 years old and has an associate’s degree in radiology. This is her junior year at IUP, and she plans to continue on for physical therapy. She has lived in Pittsburgh her whole life.
    Interesting Fact: One of Amy’s biggest goals in life is to run a race in every state.

    Christina Roberson

    Christina Roberson, Staff
    Undergraduate Program: Exercise Science
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Background: Christina is 21 years old, and this is her fourth year at IUP. She has been an athlete all of her life, and she has a passion for health and fitness. She likes to help people in any way that she can. She hopes to be a physical therapist to a wide range of people one day.
    Interesting Fact:
    Christina has been running track for nine to ten years now. This is her last year of eligibility on IUP's team, and she intends to go out on a great note.

    Ashley Ryder

    Ashley Ryder, Staff
    Undergraduate Program: Sport Administration 
    Hometown: Mercer, PA
    Background: Ashley previously interned with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, and she plans on going to graduate school for business in the fall. She helped out a lot with the Muscle Team event that supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Ashley would like to coach high school basketball and live in Pittsburgh or somewhere in the south.
    Interesting Fact: Ashley is the 2009 Pennsylvania state free throw champion: she went 24/25.

    Tyler Montgomery

    Tyler Montgomery, Staff
    Undergraduate Program: Physical Education and Exercise Science
    Hometown: Oxford, PA
    Background: Tyler enjoys playing many sports, such as lifting and exercising. He likes to play guitar, drums, and piano. Drawing characters from multiple sources of media is his favorite way to relax.
    Interesting Fact: Tyler has celiac disease; this means he has an allergy to gluten. This disease also affects his immune system and regenerative cells.


    Instructors and Personal Trainers

    Amy Fiorentini
    Amy Fiorentini, Insanity Instructor

    Undergraduate Program: Exercise Science and Sport Science
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Background: Amy has worked previously as a radiologic technologist for three years in Pittsburgh. She decided to attend IUP for her bachelor's degree in exercise and sport science to pursue her passion for fitness. She then plans to on to graduate school for physical therapy. Amy attended Chartiers Valley High School and was a part of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. After one year of attending Insanity Live group exercise classes, Amy took her love for the class to the next step and became a certified instructor in September 2014.
    Interesting Fact:
    Amy's life goal is to run a race in every state.

    Employment or Internships at the Fitness Center

    Are you interested in making some extra money while gaining valuable experience in the field of exercise and fitness? If you are dedicated, professional, and willing to put our members first, then we might be looking for you!

    Fitness and membership attendants are typically student workers and can be from any academic field. Between two and four student workers are needed yearly. Staff may be required to be available during winter and/or summer breaks. Typically between one and two personal trainers and group fitness instructors are needed yearly and must have junior or senior status in IUP’s Exercise Science program. Positions may or may not be available throughout the year.

    Applications will be accepted any time by downloading and completing an Employee Application Form, attaching your resume, and delivering your information to the fitness center or mailbox outside of Room 114. If workers are not currently needed and the applicant will be available during the following term, their application will be kept on file for consideration during the next term.

    Interns please complete an Intern Application Form, submit your resume, and deliver your information to the mailbox outside of Room 114 or e-mail your packet to Dr. Hsiao at Interns should apply no later than two months prior to the semester they wish to complete their internship during. Interns must have their internship approved by their internship adviser no later than one month prior to the conclusion of the semester that precedes the prospective internship period (i.e., an internship for fall must be approved no later than the end of March).

    Positions that may be available along with their descriptions and requirements include:

    Fitness and Membership Attendant

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Personal Trainer