Graduate Assistantships

  • Excellent Financial Support Available

    The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology offers excellent financial support opportunities for highly qualified MBA students in the form of the following:

    Ten-Hour-Per-Week Graduate Assistantships 

    These assistantships carry an award of a six-credit tuition waiver and a stipend of approximately $1,485 per semester. Graduate assistantship duties involve library research, data analysis, and administrative assistance under the direction of a faculty member or department manager.

    Summer Waivers

    Graduate assistants who serve for two consecutive semesters also receive a 4.5-credit tuition waiver during the summer sessions.

    Who Receives Assistantships?

    Eberly College graduate assistantship awards are made on the basis of academic track record, GMAT scores, IT and software skills, written and oral communication skills, research experience, and administrative capabilities judged through a special application process and candidate interview. Download the Eberly graduate assistantship form

    Twenty-Hour-Per-Week Graduate Assistantships

    A limited number of 20-hour-per-week graduate assistantships are also available with several IUP administrative units that hire our MBA students for specific administrative and technical positions. These 20-hour-per-week assistantships carry an award of a full tuition waiver and a stipend of up to $2,970 per semester.

    Summer Waivers

    The 20-hour assistantships also include free tuition for up to nine credits in the summer sessions.

    How are Students Selected?

    These appointments are made through a competitive selection interview process by the respective hiring administrative units.  

    Student Work Study Positions

    Student work study opportunities are also available. Positions and qualifications vary by job descriptions.

    U.S. citizens/permanent residents who are eligible for financial aid should contact the IUP Financial Aid Office.