• Students talk with a math professor

    I like mathematics, but what kind of job can I get with a mathematics degree?

    You should definitely look at our About Mathematics section. There you will find more information, as well as links to a list of jobs of recent mathematics graduates nationwide. 

    What happened to the Applied Mathematics degree?

    Students can still study applied mathematics at IUP. It is now its own track within the BS Mathematics degree program.

    What happened to the Economics/Mathematics degree?

    The Economics/Mathematics degree program has been discontinued in the Mathematics Department. However, students interested in that course of study should contact the Economics Department, which will be offering an Economics/Mathematics track within its program.

    Do you have a major in actuarial science?

    Yes. There is an Actuarial Track under the Bachelor of Science program in Mathematics.

    Are math teacher jobs available?

    Most definitely. Every single recent graduate of our Mathematics Education program (who was not limited by geographic location) found a teaching job. Our office is frequently contacted by school districts who need mathematics teachers.

    Do you have scholarships?

    The department has access to Pennsylvania State System Board of Governors' scholarships for highly talented students from Pennsylvania. In addition, the department has endowed scholarships for returning students.

    I cannot decide among your programs. Which should I pick?

    The first two years of all of our degree programs are essentially the same, so you do not have to choose right away. Simply select a major in mathematics, and you can choose between the other options later.

    Do you have internship opportunities?

    While we do not require a student to obtain an internship as part of the degree program, opportunities are available. Contact Dr. Christoph Maier for details.