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Programs of Study

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate majors in the Mathematics Department

BS in Mathematics
The BS in Mathematics degree prepares students for careers in any endeavor that values the skills of an analytical mind. Those completing a degree in Mathematics will also be well prepared to continue their studies in graduate school.
BS in Mathematics: Applied Mathematics Track
The BS in Applied Mathematics degree prepares students for work in business, industry, statistics, engineering, and a variety of other careers.
B.S.Ed. in Mathematics Education
The B.S. Ed. in Mathematics Education degree leads to certification to teach mathematics in grades 7–12.
B.S.Ed. Middle-Level Education 4-8 Mathematics Specialization
The B.S. Ed. in Middle-Level Education 4-8/Mathematics Specialization degree leads to certification to teach mathematics in grades 4-8. This program is administered by the Department of Professional Studies in Education.
Be An Actuary
A Mathematics major is excellent preparation for a career as an actuary.

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate programs in the Mathematics Department

MS in Applied Mathematics
The MS in Applied Mathematics program is designed to produce graduates who are marketable in industry, government, and education, and for professionals who wish to add to their skills.
MEd in Mathematics Education
The MEd in Mathematics Education program is perfect for you as a mathematics teacher or teacher leader at any grade level. Whether you are interested in furthering your knowledge, working towards permanent certification, or planning to eventually pursue a doctoral degree, the program prepares you to embrace the challenges of teaching mathematics to a diverse population of students in an ever-changing world.

Minors and Concentrations

Minors and Concentrations in the Mathematics Department

Minor in Mathematics
Did you take calculus?  Why not add to your skills with a minor in Mathematics?
Minor in Applied Statistics
Have you taken introductory statistics? Do you need to learn more? Statistics is useful in many disciplines in the natural and social sciences.
Minor in Elementary and Middle Level Mathematics
Elementary education graduates who emphasize mathematics are highly desirable applicants for teaching positions in many school districts.  This minor is specifically designed to give you content and pedagogy in teaching math at the elementary and middle school levels.
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