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English/Language Studies Track, BA

HIGHLIGHTING STUDENT WRITING TALENT:  English major Clare Welsh's poem “The Last Wall” was performed and presented in a frame as a gift from IUP students at the inauguration of University President Michael A. Driscoll.

English/Language Studies unlocks cultural context

In today's information-based, global society, the most valuable skills are reading, writing, and critical thinking, and the most valuable knowledge is knowledge of culture and language.

The Language Studies program offers an intellectual environment in which people who have been marginalized and texts that are innovative in form are an integral part of the curriculum along with the more traditional concerns of English.

By pursuing the Language Studies Track, you'll study in depth language development, structure, and use in many contexts and learn to identify and analyze the social and political applications of language in different linguistic communities. This is a key competence today, when, thanks to prevalent digital technologies, understanding the many contexts for language has never been more important.

You'll learn how to apply your language sensibility as an advantage in professional communication.