Honors Tracks

  • IUP offers honors tracks for the following majors.

    Honors tracks provide opportunities for advanced study within your major. They provide useful career experience and can be great preparation for graduate school.

    Honors tracks are open to all students in these majors; being part of the Cook Honors College is not a requirement.

  • Accounting, BS
    An affordable, well-rounded education at one of the largest and most qualified accounting facilities in western Pennsylvania
    Anthropology/Applied Anthropology Track, BA
    Students gain a cross-cultural perspective, learn quantitative and qualitative methodologies and theory, and put their knowledge into action through internships and research
    Anthropology/Archaeology Track, BA
    Students gain hands-on experience in survey methods, field excavation, lab processing, and artifacts analysis in learning about and uncovering clues to cultures that thrived centuries ago
    Anthropology/General Anthropology Track, BA
    Students gain a strong foundation in the sociocultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological subdisciplines of anthropology through mentored, active, hands-on learning
    Art Education, BSEd
    Lead a creative classroom. Teach art. IUP has a national reputation for excellence in teacher education.
    Biochemistry, BS
    As a Biochemistry major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll gain the top-quality preparation you’ll need to begin your career or to gain admittance to graduate and professional schools.
    Honors Program in Biology
    The Biology Honors Program is valuable for students considering careers in research or seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.
    Economics Honors Track, BA
    This track is available by departmental permission to Economics and Economics/Pre-Law majors.
    Finance, BS
    The Bachelor of Science degree in Finance prepares you to pursue job opportunities in the areas of corporate and personal financial management, banking, insurance, other financial institutions, and investments.
    Geography Honors Program
    The honors program is open by departmental permission to geography majors with at least a 3.25 GPA in total university coursework and a 3.25 GPA in geography courses.