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Choose from about 135 majors to gain hands-on learning experiences in some of the hottest professional fields today. Click the tabs below to match your interests to a program. 

Unsure what to study? Check out some helpful tips on how to choose a major, and know the truth vs. myths about declaring a major.

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Cartography, see Geography, GIS and Cartographer Concentration 

Cell and Molecular Biology, see Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology Track 

Ceramics, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA) 

Certified Respiratory Therapist, see Respiratory Care, Certified Respiratory Therapist Track 

      Chemistry (BA)*
      Chemistry (BS)*
      Chemistry, Pre-Medical Track*
      Chemistry Education

Child Development and Family Relations   

Chiropractic   (Pre-Chiropractic Track, Natural Science major)

Clinical Laboratory Science   

Coding, see Computer Science, Computer Science, Applied Track, Computer Science, Information Assurance Track, or Computer Science, Languages and Systems Track

Communications Media   

Computer Networking, see Management Information Systems or Computer Science, Applied Track 

Computer Science
      Computer Science 
      Computer Science, Applied Track 
      Computer Science, Information Assurance Track 
      Computer Science, Languages and Systems Track 

Conservation, see Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track 

Consumer Sciences, see K12 Family and Consumer Sciences Education 

Counseling, see Psychology*

      Criminology, Pre-Law Track 

Culinary Arts 

Culinary Arts, Baking, see Baking And Pastry Arts 

Culinary Dietetics, see Nutrition, Culinary Dietetics 

Cultural Studies, see English, Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies Track; Anthropology, Applied Track; Anthropology, General Track; Political Science, International Studies Track 

Cyber Security, see Computer Science, Information Assurance Track

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Early Childhood/Special Education*

Early Childhood/Special Education, Urban Track* 

Earth and Space Science Education * 

Ecology, see Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track 

      Economics, Pre-Law Track* 

Economics Education, see Social Studies Education, Economics Track 

Economic Geography, see Geography, Economic Geographer Concentration 

Education*, see Art Education, Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, English Education, Early Childhood/Special Education, Early Childhood/Special Education (Urban Track), Earth and Space Science Education, K12 Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics Education, Middle-Level Education 4-8(English/Language Arts Specialization, Mathematics Specialization, Science Specialization, or Social Studies Specialization), Music Education, Physics Education, Spanish Education K-12, Vocational-Technical Education, Social Science Education (Anthropology Concentration or Sociology Concentration), Social Studies Education (Economics Track, Geography Track, or History Track), and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 

Educational Psychology (minor only)

Electro-Optics, see Physics, Electro-Optics Track (BS)

Electro-Optics and Laser Engineering Technology, AS 

Energy, see Geology, Energy Resources Track and Geography, Energy Geotechnology/Environmental Compliance Concentration 

Engineering, see Physics, Pre-Engineering Track (BS)

      English Education* 
      English, Film Studies Track* 
      English, Language Studies Track* 
      English, Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies Track* 
      English, Pre-Law Track* 
      English, Writing Studies Track* 

Entrepreneurship, see Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Track 

Environmental Biology, see Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track 

Environmental Geography, see Geography, Environmental Geographer Concentration 

Environmental Geology, see Geology, Environmental Track 

Environmental Health, see Biology, Environmental Health Track 

Environmental Planning, see Regional Planning, Environmental Planner Concentration 

Environmental Science, see Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences 

Exercise Science  (Physical Education and Sport/Exercise Science Program)

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Painting, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA) 

Paleontology, see Geology, Geology Track

Pan-African Studies  (minor only)

Pastry, see Baking and Pastry Arts 

Performance, see Music Performance 

Pharmacy  (Pre-Pharmacy, Natural Science major)

      Philosophy/Pre-Law Track 

Physical Education, see Health and Physical Education 

Physical Education
      Physical Education and Sport 
      Physical Education and Sport, Exercise Science 
      Physical Education and Sport, Sport Administration 
      Physical Therapy (Pre-Physical Therapy Track, Natural Science major)

Physical Therapy, see Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track 

      Physics, Applied Track 
      Physics, Electro-Optics Track 
      Physics, Nanomanufacturing Technology Track 
      Physics, Pre-Engineering Track 
      Physics Education* 

Podiatry  (Pre-Podiatry Track, Natural Science major)

Political Science
      Political Science 
      Political Science, Pre-Law Track 
      Political Science, International Studies Track

PreK, see Early Childhood Education/Special Education  

Pre-Chiropractic, see Chiropractic, Pre-Chiropractic Track 

Pre-Dentistry, see Dentistry, Pre-Dentistry Track 

Pre-Engineering, see Pre-Engineering Track, Physics 

Pre-Law, see Criminology, Pre-Law Track, Economics, Pre-Law Track, English, Pre-Law Track, History/Pre-Law Track, Political Science, Pre-Law Track, or Philosophy/Pre-Law Track 

Pre-Medicine, see Biology, Pre-Medical Track or Chemistry, Pre-Medical Track 

Pre-Optometry, see Natural Science, Pre-Optometry Track 

Pre-Pharmacy, see Natural Science, Pre-Pharmacy Track 

Pre-Physical Therapy, see Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track 

Pre-Podiatry, see Natural Science/Pre-Podiatry Therapy Track 

     Natural Science, Pre-Chiropractic Track 
     Natural Science, Pre-Dentistry Track 
     Natural Science, Pre-Optometry Track 
     Natural Science, Pre-Pharmacy Track 
     Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track 
     Natural Science, Pre-Podiatry Track 
     Physics, Pre-Engineering Track 

Pre-Veterinary, see Biology, Pre-Veterinary Track 

Printmaking, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA) 

Print Media, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA)

Programming, see Computer Science, Computer Science, Applied Track, Computer Science, Information Assurance Track, or Computer Science, Languages and Systems Track


Public Administration, see Political Science

Public Relations, see Journalism

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*Honors program available

Lojjik Braughler Loves IUP

Why I Love IUP

“IUP doesn’t just teach you; it gets you involved in the field you want to work in.”

Lojjik Braughler, Class of 2017
Computer Science major and Upward Bound student
Earned first place in technology concepts in a national contest of Future Business Leaders of America