IUP By the Numbers

IUP had a record-breaking total student enrollment for the third-straight year in Fall 2011. In fact, the number of applicants has been so high that IUP closed the application process in the spring of the last three years.

Lisa Marie Baker

Typical campus visits, which have up to forty-five students and family members in attendance, involve a presentation by an admissions counselor and a tour. Lisa Marie Baker ’97, M’99 draws on personal experience from her undergraduate days at IUP and emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit in a college.

Academic Achievement Scholarship Fund

Increasing the quality of students who enter the university is as important as increasing the number. To attract the best students, IUP has established the Academic Achievement Scholarship Fund. The eventual goal is to offer deserving students scholarships for four years if they meet academic requirements. Details are available for readers who are interested in supporting this effort.

That increase is no accident; it is largely the result of intense recruiting efforts by Admissions staff members. From mid-September through Veterans Day, Lisa Marie Baker ’97, M’99 will log about a thousand miles per week as she attends twenty-one college fairs and visits sixty high schools in a handful of Eastern Pennsylvania counties. And that’s just Baker. Combined, the nine undergraduate admissions counselors go to about six hundred recruiting events during their fall travel season.

That may sound like a lot, but the number is actually on the decline. In addition to the expense of travel and time away, the Office of Admissions has found on-campus recruiting activities to be more effective, according to Director Michael Husenits ’93.

The department is doing more to promote these campus visits as well, and the growing use of the Web has helped, Husenits said. “Anywhere you go on the Admissions website, you see a Visit Us icon. We make it pretty easy to sign up.”

Still, as Baker gives presentations to potential students when they visit campus, she opts for education over sales pitch. Finding the right fit is important, she said. “We want them to come here, stay here, and graduate from here.

“We help them understand what IUP has to offer and empower them to make the choice to come here.”

The following statistics give a snapshot of enrollment changes over the years and undergraduate recruitment activities:

Total Enrollment by Year

  • 2011: 15,132
  • 2010: 15,126
  • 2009: 14,638
  • 2008: 14,310

A 5.7 percent increase from 2008 to 2011

Enrollment by Degree for Fall 2011

  • Undergraduate: 12,943
  • Master’s: 1,379
  • Doctoral: 810

Residency for Fall 2011

(Graduate and undergraduate)

  • In State: 13,246
  • Out of State: 1,265
  • International: 621
Admissions Expo

The Academic Expo on campus in July had roughly 950 people in attendance. Expos, held three to four times a year, include a tour of campus, a chance to meet with professors to learn more about a major, and information about dining and housing.

Applications vs. Admissions

(Percentage of applicants admitted)


  Applications Admissions Percentage
Fall 2011 13,338 9,965 75%
Fall 2010 12,755 9,576 75%
Fall 2009 12,085 9,229 76%
Fall 2008 11,492 9,111 79%

Total applications increased by 16 percent from Fall 2008 to Fall 2011. In the same time period, IUP has become more selective in its admissions, accepting 75 percent of applicants in Fall 2011 compared to 79 percent in Fall 2008. The average SAT score for first-year students has risen by 18 points over the same four years, but by 30 points in the last six years.

Total Recruitment Activities

  • Fall 2010: 864
  • Fall 2009: 918
  • Fall 2008: 1,118
  • Fall 2007: 1,105

A 22 percent decrease from Fall 2007 to Fall 2010

On-Campus Recruitment Activities

(Individual appointments, weekday visits, Academic Expos, Decision Days, etc.)

Total Student Visitors to Campus

  • Fall 2010: 6,654
  • Fall 2009: 5,899
  • Fall 2008: 5,076
  • Fall 2007: 4,349

A 53 percent increase from Fall 2007 to Fall 2010
Most popular day for visitors to IUP (2010): Saturday
Most popular month for campus visitors (2010): November

Off-Campus Recruitment Activities

(High school visits, college fairs, direct-mail marketing, etc.)

  • Fall 2010: 656
  • Fall 2009: 710
  • Fall 2008: 809
  • Fall 2007: 882

A 26 percent decrease from Fall 2007 to Fall 2010

Western Pennsylvania vs. Eastern Pennsylvania Applications


  Western  Eastern
Fall 2010 5,434 5,603
Fall 2009 5,220 5,255
Fall 2008 4,870 5,114
Fall 2007 4,709 4,851

Breakdown has remained steady at about 49 percent from Western Pennsylvania and 51 percent from Eastern Pennsylvania.

Out-of-State Applications

  • Fall 2010: 1,346
  • Fall 2009: 1,610
  • Fall 2008: 1,478
  • Fall 2007: 1,020

A 32 percent increase from Fall 2007 to Fall 2010

Ten Most Popular Majors among IUP Undergraduates in 2011

  1. Criminology (951)
  2. Nursing (618)
  3. Communications Media (565)
  4. Psychology (555)
  5. Physical Education and Sport (551)
  6. Management (480)
  7. Early Childhood Education/Special Ed (386)
  8. Accounting (382)
  9. Marketing (373)
  10. Biology (355)

Ten High Schools Producing the Most IUP Undergraduates in 2011

  1. Indiana Area (449)
  2. Marion Center Area (160)
  3. Punxsutawney Area (143)
  4. Kittanning (126)
  5. Kiski Area (118)
  6. Homer-Center (115)
  7. Seneca Valley (112)
  8. Hempfield Area (99)
  9. Plum (98)
  10. Penns Manor Area (97)