Specialized Resource Rooms

  • The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining have many specialty rooms available to be reserved. See the Use and Scheduling of Public Space for reservation details.

    Delaney Hall 

    • 225  - English Resource Room - This room offers students a lounge space where they have access to a variety of writing literature. The literature includes books on writing mechanics, citation formatting, and other writing resources. The donations for this room were given to us by the English Department and were coordinated by Mary Gainer.
    • 227  - Criminology Resource Room - This room offers students a lounge space where they have access to literature in the field of criminology.  In addition the room has a display case that students can proudly donate a patch from an area of law enforcement that they interned with or will be working for once they leave IUP.  The space also provides sweeping views of Grant Street looking toward Wallwork Hall. 
    • 325 Multicultural Suite - This room offers students a lounge space where they have access to a variety of resources regarding multiculturalism.  The African American Cultural Center decorated the suite in celebration of the African American culture.
    • 327 Delaney Hall - The LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Ally) Resource Room - celebrates the LGBTQIA community at IUP and houses a variety of historical, academic and educational resources that are available to students, staff or faculty. Use the book list and to see what resource materials can be reserved. This space can seat up to 18 individuals comfortably.

    Putt Hall

    • 201 Art Resource Room - The Art Resource Room celebrates the arts and affords students the opportunity to work on art related projects in a space designated to celebrate the Arts.

    Northern Suites

    • 206 - Collaborative Learning Space
    • 302 - Science Resource Room
    • 306 - Math & Computer Technology Resource Room
    • 402 - Human Anatomy & Psychology Resource Room
    • 406 - Space Resource Room
      • These are great spaces for study groups or individual quiet working spaces. These spaces are left unlocked and able to be used by students at any time.

    Stephenson Hall

    • 202 - Business Resource Room -  This room was set up cooperatively by Stephenson Hall, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, The IUP Ambassadors, and The IUP Museum. This room boasts a small conference table, comfortable chairs and comfortable lighting, a television connected to a computer and cable, and some books and periodicals on business related topics. The room has been decorated with art from the University Museum. It is a great room for group work, class projects, studying, or meetings for small organizations.

      This space is able to be reserve by students and student organizations through our space reservation form. Also, all students housed in our Business Living Learning community have been granted access to this room through their I-card swipe system.

    Suites on Pratt

    • 302 - Leadership resource room

    Suites on Maple East and Ruddock Hall

    • 402 Ruddock and 402 Maple East - Mindfulness Rooms - Free your mind, quiet your thoughts, and relax in one of our quiet Mindfulness rooms. Whether you are interested in meditation, yoga, or wish to explore other mindful practices, these spaces offer you the opportunity to unplug from the world in comfort. These rooms comfortably fit 4-6 people
    • 404 Ruddock Hall - CommEd Studio - This area is for recording and editing communication media projects or practicing your student teaching while being recorded. Equipment provided includes a camera, tripod, lighting rigs, green screen backdrop, as well as a computer with Final Cut Pro to edit your creation. This room comfortably fits 10 - 15 people. 
    • 306 Ruddock - Education Resource Room - This room has a lending library of children's/young adult books, Cricut brand machines, paper cutters, trimmers, and edging scissors for assisting with class projects and a hot/cold lamination machine. Please note: Residents/Students must provide their own paper for the Cricut machines and lamination sheets. This room comfortably fits 4-6 people
    • 306 Maple East - Health and Wellness Room - Equipped with a life size skeleton, human torso with removable parts, scale, body fat analyzer, and blood pressure cuff, the Health and Wellness Resource room is equipped to serve related majors and their needs to explore and improve the health and well-being of our community. This room comfortably fits 4-6 people

    Wallwork Hall

    • G49 - Spanish Language Resource Room - This room was set up cooperatively by Andela (Spanish student organization) and Global Awareness Living Learning community. The room is equipped with many Spanish magazines and art pieces. The room is a very nice meeting or study space that comfortable fit 10 people. Students or student organizations can go to Wallwork Hall North Office to gain access to this space.
    • 387A and 387B - Asian Studies Resource Room - These rooms celebrates Asian cultures and the room is decorated with Asian art pieces. This room is also equipped with a projector and computer. The space has become Asian Studies Club meeting/activity space, Japanese/Korea language after class tutoring space, and monthly Asian Studies faculty meeting location. Room 387A is left unlocked and able to be used by students at any time. 387B is able to be reserved through our space reservation form on line. Both rooms comfortably fits 10-12 people.