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  • Kipp Gallery and the Kipp Gallery Annex, located in Sprowls Hall, offer a variety of art exhibits throughout the year including touring exhibits, invitationals, and works by advanced students in the Department of Art.

    Other exhibits and art events are offered by the University Museum.

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  • Cabinets of the Curious: Art Historians Collect

    September 1-24, 2015; Annex Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    The opening date of this exhibit has been changed from August 27, 2015 to September 1, 2015. Included in this exhibition of the various art collected by IUP Art History professors are objects from Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Indonesia, and the U.S.

    Cabinets of the Curious: Art Historians Collect

  • Delicate Membrane

    September 10–October 8, 2015; Kipp Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    Josephina Concha harnesses the volume of woven and stitched fabric to evoke skin-like formations that appear fungal. Daniel DiCaprio’s pieces explore methods of cultural communication through personal adaptation.

    Delicate Membrane

  • Objects of Mourning

    October 1–29, 2015; Annex Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    Renée Zettle-Sterling received her MFA in Sculpture/Installation in 1997 and an MA in metal/jewelry in 1998 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a BFA in papermaking/fibers in 1993 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is now an associate professor of art and design at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.

    Objects of Mourning

  • 2015 Design Alumni Invitational

    November 5–December 3, 2015; Kipp Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    Gallery visitors will encounter a range of design applications from commercial advertising and interactive mobile apps to corporate branding and Web design; all of which were created by alumni from the Art Department’s Graphic Design program at IUP.

    2015 Design Alumni Invitational

  • Mitaltalim

    November 5–December 3, 2015; Annex Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    By imposing specific guidelines, contributors from different fields are pushed to work outside of their general comfort zone, yet from the familiar space of the medium in which they feel most comfortable. Through this process, a dialogue is opened between the three fields of art, design, and craft, thus highlighting their overlaps as well as their distinctions.


  • 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibitions

    February 6-March 4, 2016; Kipp Gallery and Annex Gallery, Sprowls Hall; University Museum, Sutton Hall

    Bring the family and walk between the University Museum and the Kipp Galleries to experience the best the IUP Art Department has to offer.

    2016 MFA Thesis

  • Words and Objectivity

    March 17–April 14, 2016; Kipp Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    Mireia Sentis started her travels in New York in the 1970s, which provided her with freedom of movement and action; a curiosity for means, themes, and formats; cosmopolitanism; and an interest in in-depth learning about cultures she never saw as minorities, but rather always as constituent parts of her living environment.”

    Words and Objectivity


  • 2016 BFA Thesis Exhibition

    April 28-May 7, 2016; Kipp Gallery, Sprowls Hall

    As all fine things must come to an end, this exhibition closes the 2015-16 calendar and showcases the university's brightest young talent in the field of visual art.

    2015 Design Kipp Gallery