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    The Lively Arts also oversees the webpages for the College of Fine Arts, assisting departmental and program Web authors and authorizers. Check the IUP Web Team site for tips and information about maintaining your webpages.

    If you have specific questions about your area’s webpage, contact the approvers/authors directly. The primary approvers and authors for the various areas within the College of Fine Arts are as follows.

    Please note that the look of the web template is changing and all departments and programs will eventually be changed over to the mobile-friendly, responsive design layout.




    Fisher Auditorium

    Fine Arts Technology Lab


    College of Fine Arts/The Lively Arts/University Museum

    Social Networking

    Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube play a highly active role in getting information to the public. This is especially true of our primary audience: the college-age and college-bound student. We encourage you to participate in this, but feel it is vital that you invite your students to follow the Lively Arts on both Facebook and Twitter.

    On Facebook, we will post various articles and information about the College of Fine Arts, including faculty professional activities (via the news posts you submit), event information, special offers and discounts, and generally interesting information about the college and our events.

    On Twitter, we will update and remind them of every event that we have on our official events calendar. They will also automatically receive brief descriptions of anything we post on Facebook.

    The easiest way to get your students to follow us is to send them to our main page for the Lively Arts and click there on the appropriate icons. You can provide them with this link,, and they can take it from there. And take a look for yourself. Even if you do not have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, you can still view them to see what types of things we are posting.

    Facebook and Twitter for Your Department/Program

    On one hand, we encourage different areas to have a presence on social media. But on the other hand, this is not something to go into lightly. Doing so involves a strong commitment to timely and constantly changing information, regular posting 12 months a year, and accuracy.

    The Lively Arts spends a great deal of time, thought, and funding to drive people to its social media pages and the website. You can capitalize on this, but only if you are able to maintain your sites in a best-practices style.

    If you have a page you wish to be tied to the Lively Arts, or if you would like advice on how to effectively set up and maintain a social media site, please contact Hank Knerr at before you get started.