IUP at Northpointe Library

  • Students studying in the Northpointe library

    The IUP at Northpointe Library is a full-service facility that provides books and resource materials and provides the perfect atmosphere for students to study, exchange ideas, and engage in academic research. 

    The library holds more than five thousand volumes specifically chosen to support our classes and programs. It also offers computer access to more than two hundred electronic databases. Many of these databases also deliver full-text articles. The library is also a full participant in the interlibrary loan network and is able to get materials we do not own from other libraries.

    There are six public access computers in the library that have full Internet access, in addition to the entire building having full wireless Internet access. Mr. Daugherty will set up access for you if you bring your laptop/notebook computer to him in the library.

    Northpointe Regional Campus Library Personnel