IUP at Northpointe Library

  • Students studying in the Northpointe library

    The IUP at Northpointe Library is a full-service facility that provides books and resource materials to Northpointe Campus students. The library is also a great place to study, exchange ideas, and engage in academic research.

    Research Help

    Library faculty and staff are eager to answer your questions and provide assistance with any assignments requiring research or the use of books, articles, websites, and other sources of information.

    Visit the library anytime for help or contact Professor Carrie Bishop at cbishop@iup.edu.

    Library and Information Literacy Instruction

    Library faculty provide instruction to students on using the library and improving their research skills in several ways.

    • A librarian may be a guest speaker in a course where students are required to conduct research as part of an assignment. The librarian will teach students how to find and use the most useful tools and techniques for finding great information to complete the assignment.
    • Librarians also create guides, tutorials, and videos that help students become better researchers and information users. Check out the Distance Learning Library Services Guide to learn more about using the IUP Libraries.


    The print book and magazine collection at the Northpointe Campus Library supports the needs of the regional campus students and faculty and reflects the subjects that are taught on campus. Northpointe Campus students also have access to materials at the Indiana Campus Libraries.

    Students can access electronic journal articles by using the libraries’ subscription databases and can request books from the Indiana Campus by using InterLibrary Loan.

    The IUP Library discovery service, called I-Search, is a great place to begin your search for resources located at Northpointe and Indiana.

    If you have questions or need help getting the library resources you need, please contact Bill Daugherty at william.daugherty@iup.edu or Professor Carrie Bishop at cbishop@iup.edu.

    Northpointe Regional Campus Library Personnel