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Bring Your Assignment

  • Need help with your research paper? Do you have an assignment that requires using the library and its resources? Make an appointment with one of the IUP Librarians!

    Who are we?

    We are highly trained information specialists who understand both traditional library research methods, materials, and the most current means of accessing electronic information.

    At the Reference Desk, we provide answers to short factual questions, point out appropriate databases and search tools, and provide “starting points” to explore the library. Quite often, this will be enough to set a student on a successful research path. However, if you have more complex questions, or would like more individualized attention as you develop your library strategy for your project, make an appointment and bring your assignment to us.

    How We Help

    Every assignment is different, and while a quick visit to the reference desk can give you fast answers or pointers to resources, spending time discussing your assignment with a librarian can yield a deeper understanding of the resources the library can offer. With that “big picture” as a launchpad, and based on the questions you have, we’ll work with you to create search strategies, brainstorm concepts and keywords, identify crucial resources, and develop your understanding of library research.

    With that in mind, please remember that our role is to support your research by helping you identify and locate resources; we cannot assist with the actual writing or editing of your assignment. Also, of course, if you have questions about the nature of the assignment or what is expected of you, you’ll have to speak to your professor!

    How to Make an Appointment

    Below are reference librarians you can make individual appointments with. Any of them can help you with a research paper. However, if you have a topic that is specific to a discipline, these reference librarians are also bibliographers for certain disciplines; therefore, they provide Collection Development for the particular disciplines listed below their names.

    Please feel free to call or e-mail them to set up your individual research appointment.

    Name Academic Area(s) Office Phone E-mail
    Maria BarefootCommunications Media, Doctoral Program in Communications Media, Economics 102B Stapleton Library724-357-2338 
    Carrie BishopPunxsutawney First-Year Experience, Culinary Arts, Pan-African Studies 

    IUP Libraries Punxsutawney

    Chris Clouser Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Geoscience, Math, Physics 108 Stapleton 724-357-5697
    Carol Connell English, Criminology, Health and Physical Education, Journalism, Theater, Doctoral Programs in English TESOL and Literary Criticism 104 Stapleton 724-357-2195
    Susan Drummond Anthropology, Sociology 109 Stapleton 724-357-4479
    Kelly Heider Professional Studies, Adult and Community Education, Counseling, Special Education, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Developmental Studies, Children’s Books, Text Books, Doctoral Programs in Admin/Leadership, and Educational and School Psychology 205 Stabley 106 Stouffer 724-357-4886 724-357-2045
    Sandy Janicki Food and Nutrition, Hospitality Management, Human Development and Environmental Studies, Nursing, Safety Sciences 106 Stapleton 724-357-4751
    Theresa McDevitt History, Religious Studies, Women and Gender Studies 110 Stapleton 724-357-4892 
    Jin PangForeign Languages, Latin American Studies G6-B Stapleton 724-357-2344 
    Harrison Wick French, Geography and Regional Planning, German, Employment and Labor Relations, Pennsylvania Collection, Special Collection Archive and Special Collection 724-357-3039