Welcome from Luis Gonzalez, Dean of Libraries

  • Welcome to Indiana University of Pennsylvania class of 2019, returning undergraduate students, and graduate students. On behalf of the staff and faculty of IUP Libraries, it is my pleasure to welcome every one of you to a new academic year.

    Everyone at the Libraries (at the main and regional campuses) would like to open our doors for you to come and benefit from all of the services and programs offered at our facilities and to encourage you to discover and take advantage of the plethora of opportunities available at the IUP Libraries.

    Luis GonzalezThe IUP Libraries continue to be the intellectual and social center of the University (we had 619,459 visits last year) by providing a learning environment that stimulates and nourishes discourse, discovery, the growth of ideas, and the creation of new knowledge.

    We are the building which remains open for the longest hours on campus, which makes us the place where the IUP community comes to study, work on academic projects, or simply to socialize and connect with peers. Within our buildings, you will find an always-growing collection of resources, print and electronic, and technology to assist you and guide you throughout your academic career and research endeavors.

    All of this is supported by a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional group of librarians and staff who stand ready and willing to help and assist you in taking advantage of our programs, services, and resources, all of which will be essential in helping you achieve your academic and research goals.

    Our library faculty and staff stand ready to assist you in person, via telephone, or online to help you navigate today’s complex world of information delivery for your academic needs. We offer more than 300 electronic databases, over 60,000 full text electronic journals, over 200,000 electronic books (all accessible via our webpage) and a collection in excess of over 800,000 print volumes.

    We are more than simply a space to study or store books. New academic libraries offer an exciting array of services, resources, and facilities to meet students' and the faculty's educational and research needs.

    Our Java City café, Information Commons Help Desk, reference services, computer labs, group study rooms, classrooms, media and equipment services, 24/5 weekday schedules, and other programs and services, are all aimed at supporting your academic endeavors. IUP Libraries are committed to the educational success of all students and faculty at IUP.

    We are here to help and assist you.  Come and visit us!

    Luis J. Gonzalez
    Dean of Libraries