Procedure to Prepare an Existing Course for Distance Education Format

    1. Prior to development of a distance education course, the faculty member must consult with the dean of his/her college to verify the source of funding for the preparation stipend and to verify the availability of the technology needed. Proposals for courses to be first offered in the Summer or Fall should be received by the committees by February 1, while proposals for courses for the Spring should be received by September 25.
    2. Download the undergraduate Distance Education Review Form for existing courses. If two or more faculty members share in the development of the course, attach their names to the form. Follow the instructions in the form to prepare it, and submit it to your department’s curriculum committee (or dean, if appropriate). Briefly, you will:
      1. Provide a brief narrative rationale for each of the items A1–A5 on the form.
      2. Attach the current official syllabus of record, along with the instructor-developed on-line version of the syllabus. Please note that some students may live several hundred miles from main campus and must be accommodated. The syllabus for the on-line version of the course must contain the same student objectives and course description as the currently-approved syllabus of record.
      3. Enclose a sample on-line lesson and clearly demonstrate how the distance education instructional format adequately assists students to meet one or more course objective(s). It should relate to a concrete topic area indicated on the syllabus.
    3. The department makes a recommendation and submits the proposal and supporting materials to the dean of the college. If approved, the dean of the college signs the form and sends it and the supporting materials to the appropriate universitywide committee. The thirty-day review process begins when the proposal is received by the committee.
      1. For undergraduate courses, the original signed form shall be delivered to the Liberal Studies secretary (103 Stabley) for review by the University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.
      2. For graduate courses, the original plus twenty-one (21) copies of the signed form and attachments shall be delivered to the dean’s associate, School of Graduate Studies and Research (124 Stright Hall), for review by the University-Wide Graduate Committee.
    4. Once the universitywide committees have completed the review, the original, signed form and attachments are forwarded to the provost with their recommendation.
    5. Once approved by the provost, the associate provost’s office will inform the dean, department chair, and faculty member and assist with the following:
      1. Adding logistics information under the course description on the Distance Education website.
      2. Preparing the faculty member’s “welcome letter” and e-mailing it to registrants.
    6. Be sure to arrange with your department to list the course on Banner for registration and order textbooks.