2008-2009 Academic Year

  • August 28, 2008
    Highlights: Committee reappointments, LBST 499 Puppetry and Masks: Signs of Life, THTR 132, LS revision update
    September 4, 2008
    Highlights: B.G. Wilson Type I WI, BS Biochemistry, BSED Chemistry, BS Chemistry/Pre-Med, BS Chemistry, BA Chemistry
    September 18, 2008
    Highlights: ART 481 to count as LBST 499, Type I WI for Lea Masiello
    October 2, 2008
    Highlights: LS Revision budget analysis, LBST 499 Climbing Your Family Tree, EDUC 441/LBST 499 substution
    October 9, 2008
    Highlights: Dr. Tiger Roholt Type I WI, GEOG 254, BA Geography
    October 23, 2008
    Highlights: BTST 342 Intercultural Business Communication, Liberal Studies Revision Town Meeting
    October 30, 2008
    Highlights: LBST 499 Toxic Science Proposal Reviewed
    November 20, 2008
    Highlights: Approved Toxic Tales, reviewed ENGL 122, Approved faculty to teach Disabilities in Film and Media, One time approval faculty approval to teach Values and Education
    January 22, 2009
    Highlights: Approved PHIL 360, update on Liberal Studies Revision
    February 12, 2009
    The Atomic Bomb and Its Impact, BS Spanish Education K-12, update on LS Revision proposal, University Assessment Committee