Writing Across the Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirement: minimum of two W-designated courses

    All students must include among the total courses required for graduation a minimum of two designated writing-intensive courses. One of these courses must be in the student’s primary major; the other(s) may be in Liberal Studies, college or major requirements, or free electives.

    Such courses, which involve extensive use of writing as part of the learning experience, are identified with a W as the first character in the section number (such as MATH 350-W01 History of Mathematics) in the listing of course offerings.

  • Approved Writing-Intensive Courses and Faculty
    AUTHORIZATIONS TO USE THE W-DESIGNATION for (as of February 7, 2017)) I. TYPE I. PROFESSOR COMMITMENT The chairperson may apply a ‘W’ to any course or section of a course, any time this professor is the instructor (assuming, of course, that the professor agrees to teach the course in a writing-intensive manner on this