Late Night Programming

  • Below you will find information regarding the late night programming policy and forms needed to conduct late night programs.

    Note: Although some information is directed at recognized student organizations, late night programming procedures apply to all university agencies, departments, organizations, and groups.

    Effective August 15, 2014: Funding for security costs may be requested for events sponsored by recognized student organizations which take place on Thursday night, Friday night, and on weekends. Events will no longer need to end after midnight.

    Before submitting the Late Night Programming Event Proposal and Security Funding Request Form, you must first submit the Safety Planning Form. Late Night Programming Event Proposal and Security Funding Request Forms will not be reviewed until the Safety Planning Form is received.

    Your Facility Request Form must also be submitted and approved prior to completing the Late Night Programming Event Proposal and Security Funding Request Form. Funding requests will not be approved if the Facility Request Form has not been approved.

    Facility request forms can be retrieved from the facility you are requesting.

    Funding through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) Grant can only be provided for security costs for events at either Late Night Programs (events that end after midnight) and/or security costs at events held on Homecoming, Halloween, or St. Patrick’s Day weekends. Funding for events is limited—please know that timely submission and meeting of the requirements does not guarantee approval. 

    Both the Late Night Programming Event Proposal, the Security Funding Request Form, and the Safety Planning Form can be found below.

    Event Proposal and Security Funding Request Form

    Safety Planning Form

    Tips for successfully hosting a late night program

    Frequently asked questions about late night programming

    Timeline for approving late night programming