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Rivera paintingAll present and future Latin American Studies minors need to be aware that LAS 480 Latin American Studies Seminar, the only required course for the minor, is only offered once every two years.

Some additional classes that are regularly taught that count toward the Latin American Studies Minor include:

ANTH/SOC 274: Cultural Area Studies: Latin America

ANTH/LAS 370: Latinos and Diasporas

ANTH 460: Ethnographic Field School

ECON 339: Economic Development

ECON 345: International Trade

ECON 346: International Finance

ECON 350: Comparative Economic Systems

ENGL 344: Ethnic American Literature

ENGL/FNLG 396: Literature of Emerging Nations

GEOG 252: Geography of Latin America

GEOG 484: Field Studies in Geography and Social Studies

HIST 208: Survey of Latin American History

HIST 350: History of Latin America: Colonial Period

HIST 351: History of Latin America: National Period

LAS 281/481: Special Topics in Latin American Studies

LAS 480: Latin American Studies Seminar

LAS 482: Independent Study

LAS 493: Internship

MGMT/MKTG 350: International Business

MGMT 351: International Management

MGMT 452: Comparative Management

MGMT 454: International Competitiveness

MKTG 430: International Marketing

PLSC 285: Comparative Government II

PLSC 387: Political Systems: Latin America

PLSC 389: International Development Strategies

SPAN 244: Modern Mexico

SPAN 260: Introduction to Hispanic Literature

SPAN 340: Hispanic Civilization through the 19th Century

SPAN 344: 20th Century Spanish-American Civilization and Culture

SPAN 364: Survey of Spanish-American Literature

SPAN 420: Modern Hispanic Theater

SPAN 421: Modern Hispanic Short Story

SPAN 430: 20th-Century Spanish-American Prose

SPAN 431: Spanish-American Poetry

Please refer to the Course Catalog or see Dr. Wheeler for the Latin American Studies Minor Brochure for additional courses.

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