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Curriculum Check Sheets (Excel file)

Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:

Mathematics: MATH 217 and 3 additional cr (must be approved as Liberal Studies Mathematics courses)    
Natural Science: BIOL 103-104 or CHEM 101-102    
Social Science: PSYC 101    
Liberal Studies Electives: 0cr    
Major:   28
Core Requirements:    
HPED 142 Foundations of Health, Physical Education, and Sport 3cr
HPED 175 Prevention and Care of Injuries to the Physically Active 2cr
HPED 209 Motor Behavior 3cr
HPED 221 Human Structure and Function 3cr
HPED 242 Emergency Health Care (1) 1cr
HPED 261 Water Safety Instructor 1cr
HPED 315 Biomechanics 3cr
HPED 341 Evaluation in Health and Physical Education 3cr
HPED 343 Physiology of Exercise 3cr
HPED 441 Psychosocial Implications for Health and Physical Education 3cr
HPED 442 Senior Seminar: Professional Development in Health, Physical Education, and Sport 3cr
Professional Requirements:   23
Health and Physical Education:    
HPED 214 Teaching Health Fitness and Gymnastics 1cr
HPED 215 Teaching Rhythmic Activities and Dance 1cr
HPED 216 Teaching Elementary Physical Education 2cr
HPED 217 Teaching Middle School Physical Education 2cr
HPED 218 Teaching Secondary Physical Education 2cr
HPED 316 Teaching Elementary Health Education 2cr
HPED 318 Preprofessional Experience I 1cr
HPED 325 School and Community Health 3cr
HPED 370 Adapted Health and Physical Education (2) 3cr
HPED 426 Health Science Instruction 3cr
HPED 450 Curriculum and Programming in Sexuality Education 3cr
College:   21


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