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The Lede

Members of the Spring 2013 JRNL427 Publications class produced the journalism-centered magazine, the Lede. The magazine features stories on the history of the IUP Journalism Department, career options for Journalism majors, unusual jobs pursued by IUP Journalism graduates, the technological revolution within the discipline, as well as interviews with current students who pursued double majors and/or minored in as many as three other disciplines.

In addition to learning how to write for the Web, students in the class also learned how to audio or video record for the Web, emphasizing the discipline’s plunge into media convergence.

Read the online version of the Lede to learn how the students produced the magazine, and you can read their biographies and view their portfolios from the staff pages of the online version.

Lights! Campus! Action!

Opening night for the Spring 2012 webzine—written, edited, and designed for both print and Web by the 13 students in JRNL427 Publications—was May 1.

The magazine features articles on entertainment and eating opportunities on campus, in town, and around the county, including stories on: student-run entertainment, campus and town theater, the area’s covered bridges and parks, open mic nights and karaoke, spending a night in, area bands, music’s impact on the learning process, graphic art and design, students’ favorite (and not-so-favorite) restaurants, and local places for a cup of joe.

Read the online version of Lights! Campus! Action! and learn how the students produced this magazine. You can download a PDF of the print version from the contents page of the webzine.

Destination: Spring Break

Students in JRNL427 Publications launched the print and online versions of their magazine Destination: Spring Break, the results of a semester-long class project, on May 6, 2010.

The magazine features articles on spring break possibilities for college students, including stories on venues within and outside the United States, alternative spring breaks, how to book your getaway, how to pack (including tips on clothing for various climates), where and how to obtain a passport, travel safety tips, how to travel on a budget, and customs of other countries.

Learn more about the production of Destination: Spring Break and read the online version. You can also download a PDF of the print version on the contents page of the webzine.

Taste of Class

Last year's JRNL 427 publications class’ webzine and print publication, Taste of Class, the results of a semester-long class project, was launched on April 27, 2009.

This magazine features articles on college student cuisine from local pizza parlors to microwave masterpieces to late-night snacks. Each student was responsible for researching and writing one of the articles as well as for providing a favorite recipe.

Learn more about the production of Taste of Class, and read the online version.

The HawkEye

The Society of Professional Journalists sponsors and manages the HawkEye, an online newspaper. The HawkEye publishes investigative stories by IUP Journalism students reporting on the Indiana, Pa., community, including IUP.

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