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IUP 360º: The Complete Series

Miss an episode? You’ve come to the right place.

Look below to watch every episode of the series that takes you behind the scenes in all aspects of college life with videos shot by and for students.

You can also meet the students of IUP 360º (Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3), or see the latest episode.

History Lesson: Where is the Big Metal Vase?

Episode 7, Season 3: In this seasons final episode of IUP 360, students try to remember where they’ve seen a big metal vase on campus. This piece of art has a home near the Hadley Union Building (HUB) and has been on campus for over twenty years.

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 7: History Lesson: Where is the Big Metal Vase?  

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 6: History Lesson: Have You Heard of Breezedale? 

History Lesson: Have You Heard of Breezedale? 

Episode 6, Season 3: An old Victorian house on the IUP campus, Breezedale is an historical landmark that is home to the IUP Alumni Association. Some even say it's haunted!

History Lesson: Why are Lockers in Keith Hall?

Episode 5, Season 3: As a freshman, seeing lockers in the halls of Keith might provide comfort in the familiar staple of high school. But what purpose do they serve at IUP?

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 5: History Lesson: Why are Lockers in Keith Hall?  

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 4: History Lesson: Where Was the Old Stone Wall?  

History Lesson: Where Was the Old Stone Wall?

Episode 4, Season 3: The sidewalk on Maple Street between Pratt Drive and South 11th Street used to feel a little tight as you walked next to a seventeen-foot-tall stone wall. Now Ruddock Hall has taken its place, but part of it still remains on campus as a memorial.

History Lesson: Why Does That Chimney Say Normal School?

Episode 3, Season 3: Maybe you’ve noticed a large chimney or smokestack on campus that has the words “Normal School” painted on it. Find out what that means in terms of IUP’s history.

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 3: History Lesson: Why Does That Chimney Say Normal School? 

IUP 360º Season 3, Episode 2: History Lesson: What are the "Three Js"?  

History Lesson: What are the “Three Js”?

Episode 2, Season 3: The IUP campus has many landmarks and sculptures. This week, the 360 crew asks IUP students if they recall a sculpture that looks like three Js.

This Semester on IUP 360... 

Episode 1, Season 3: IUP 360 is switching it up this semester to find out how much IUP students know about the history of their institution. Get a first glimpse of the new faces of IUP 360!

IUP 360º Season 3 Episode 1: This Semester on IUP 360...  


Community Assistants at Work

Episode 12, Season 2: If you live in the residence halls at IUP, you have one. But what do they do? Dan shares his experience as a Community Assistant (CA).

IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 12: Community Assistants at Work  


IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 11: Favorite Classes  

Favorite Classes 

Episode 11, Season 2: While activities and friendships make life at IUP fun, we’re all here for an education. IUP 360º students discuss their favorite classes at IUP—from archaeology to literature to public speaking.


A Look at Service Learning 

Episode 10, Season 2: Want to get involved in the local Indiana Community? Check out the Service Learning Program at IUP. Liz tells us about her experience working at the United Way of Indiana.

IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 10: A Look at Service Learning  


IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 09: Isaac: Residence Hall Tour  

Isaac: Residence Hall Tour 

Episode 9, Season 2: Take a tour of the many housing options on campus. See the traditional residence hall, the Honors College, and a few different styles of the new suites.

Where Do You Live on Campus?

Episode 8, Season 2: A great place to live is all about finding the right fit. Our students weigh in on the stylish new suite-style residence halls, the sense of community in traditional halls, the Robert E. Cook Honors College’s home in Whitmyre Hall, and our living-learning communities.

IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 07: Favorite Building  

Episode 7, Season 2:  Most students have a favorite building at IUP—whether they love Sutton for its history and architecture or they spend all their time in Waller. This week, students talk about their favorite buildings on campus.


Episode 6, Season 2: If you’re like most college students, you need that cup of Joe to get your day going. Jovanna shares the inside scoop on the best coffee places on and off campus.

IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 06: Jovanna: Best Coffee in Town  


IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 05: Why I’m Not Bored at IUP  

Episode 5, Season 2: Besides athletic events and other activities on campus, students often venture out for shopping at the mall, recreation at local parks, or even a drive-in movie. See how our students fend off boredom.


Episode 4, Season 2: When it comes to food, IUP has lots of options. But sometimes, you want to venture off campus for something different. Our students discuss their favorite spots, whether in search of a hot dog, ice cream, or Mexican cuisine.

IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 04: Best Off-Campus Food  


IUP 360º Season 02 Episode 03: Indiana Tour: Downtown and Beyond  

Episode 3, Season 2: Although campus life offers tons of options, take a look at what Indiana has to offer. Restaurants, parks, shopping, etc. It’s all here!


Episode 2, Season 2: Relaxing, studying, spending time with friends—they’re better when they’re done outside. And, IUP has some great outdoor spots (Familiar with the Oak Grove?). This week, students talk about their favorite outdoor hangouts.

IUP 360º Season 2 Episode 2: Favorite Outdoor Hangout  

IUP 360º Season 2 Episode 1: Where Do You Buy Books?  

Episode 1, Season 2: The start of classes signals the time to buy textbooks. In this semester’s first episode of IUP 360ºour students talk about buying books at the IUP Co-op Store and online.


That’s a Wrap!

Episode Wrap Spring 2010: IUP 360 has wrapped up for the semester. We’ll be back in the fall with all new students and all new perspectives on life at IUP. Until then, here’s a glimpse back at the first semester of IUP 360. Have a great summer!

IUP 360º Episode Wrap Spring 2010: That's a Wrap!
IUP Ambassadors

IUP Ambassadors

Episode 10: Want to make lifelong friends while rubbing elbows with your possible future employer? That's just one of the many perks of being an IUP Ambassador. Michele takes us behind the scenes to learn more about this unique student organization.

Hospitality Management Major

Episode 9: There's nothing quite like hands-on experience, and Hospitality Management students at IUP get that every day at the Allenwood Restaurant. Jessica takes us on a special tour of what it takes to run a restaurant.

IUP 360° Episode 9: Hospitality Management Major
Dancers warming up

Theater Department Behind the Scenes

Episode 8: Go backstage during the recent theater production Sweet Charity with assistant stage manager Emily. See the cast prepare, hear from Theater majors, and check out the venue.

Majoring in International Relations at IUP

Episode 7: Since visiting Africa in high school, Haley has wanted a career in international relations. Hear about her classes, professors, and experiences as an International Relations major.

IUP 360° Episode 7: Majoring in International Relations at IUP
IUP 360° Episode 6: Fight the Freshman 15

Fight the Freshman 15

Episode 6: Ever heard of the “Freshman Fifteen”? It refers to the tendency for students to gain fifteen or more pounds in their first year of school. But, with the HUB fitness center, aerobics classes, and a variety of nearby outdoor activities, IUP makes it easy to beat the odds and stay in shape.

My Day by the Hour

Episode 5: Ever wonder what a typical day at IUP is like? Follow five students from the time they get up until they go to bed—meals, hanging with friends, studying, going to classes, gym, or work—and everything in between!

IUP 360° Episode 5: My Day by the Hour
IUP 360° Episode 4: Groundhog Day and IUP

Groundhog Day and IUP

Episode 4: This annual tradition is close to the hearts of IUP students for many reasons. Sara, a Punxsutawney native, shows what you can look forward to on Groundhog Day in Phil’s hometown.

What’s Rush?

Episode 3: During the first weeks of school, you’ll see signs in the Oak Grove and all over campus about Rush. Cody gives a behind-the-scenes look at what happens during Rush Week for those who are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority.

IUP 360° Episode 3: What's Rush?
IUP 360° Episode 2: What's Your Favorite Place to Study?

What’s Your Favorite Place to Study?

Episode 2: Let’s face it—doing well in college requires a lot of studying, and not all in your suite. IUP 360º students share some of their secrets to studying on campus.

What’s Your Favorite Place to Eat on Campus?

Episode 1: With all the food options at IUP, students don’t go hungry. IUP 360º students discuss their favorite places to eat, as well as some of their favorite foods.

Cody at Folger Food Court
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