Plagiarism Detection and Prevention

  • To assist instructors in detecting plagiarism in student work, and to protect students from plagiarism, IUP subscribes to the Turnitin service, funded through technology fees.

    Turnitin is a Web-based plagiarism detection service which reviews submitted material for originality of content. Instructors or students can submit electronic versions of text to Turnitin to generate an “originality report.” This report marks text so that unoriginal content appears underlined, color-coded, and linked to its original source.

    Features and Benefits

    • Encourages proper citation
    • Over 12 billion Web pages crawled and archived
    • Over 100 million student papers
    • Over 80,000 major newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals
    • Thousands of books, including literary classics
    • Printable reports
    • Side-by-side comparison

    How Do I Get Started?

    If you are a faculty member:

    1. Complete the Turnitin Account Request Form.
    2. You will receive an e-mail message from Turnitin when your request has been completed. The message will contain your Turnitin account name and temporary password.
    3. Go to Turnitin and login with your account name and temporary password. Follow any instructions presented to help you reset your password and set up any security questions.
    4. For information on setting up a class and an assignment, please refer to the "SET UP" section on the Turnitin Instructor Training page.

    If you are a student:

    1. Your instructor will provide you with a class ID number and a class enrollment password.
    2. Go to Turnitin and select New Users (upper right corner of the Turnitin home page).
    3. Select student.
    4. Enter the class ID and class enrollment password provided by your instructor, then continue entering the remaining items on the screen to create your personal student account. You will use your e-mail address and the password you create to login to Turnitin.

    Additional Resources: