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Computer Account Retention


Administrative Training Facilities

Adobe Software Licensing Program


Find Your IUP Account Information (Username and Password)

Find Info Image 1

What to do if you forget your URSA PIN

Student (or Employee) ID Number and PIN

Online Directory Services

Spear Phishing E-mail Alert

Software Available to Faculty, Staff, or Students

Standard Public Lab Software

How to Find or Change Your E-mail Alias

WS FTP - File Transfer Protocol

WebCal Support Resources

Frequently Asked Questions: WebCal

Frequently Asked Questions: E-mail Alias

Frequently Asked Questions: WS FTP (Limited Edition)

User Preference Defaults for WebCal

Frequently Asked Questions about Printers

Virus Support

Viruses and Spam

Learn More about Adware/Spyware

Request Assistance or Report an Online Learning Problem

Virus and Hoax Information Sites

Virus Warnings in E-mail Messages

Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

How to Change your Network Password

Accounts and Passwords

How to Find your WebCal Password

How to Change your WebCal Password

How to Change Your Username (Employees Only)

System Maintenance

Anti-Spam Service

How to Opt In to the Anti-Spam Service

How to Opt Out of the Anti-Spam Service

Terms Related to the Anti-Spam Service

Understanding the Anti-Spam Service Whitelist and Blacklist

How to Manually Update Your Whitelist or Blacklist

Anti-Spam Service FAQ

Before You Opt In to the Anti-Spam Service

Using the Anti-Spam Service

Other Systems of Interest

WebCal Reference Guide

Wireless Network Requirements

Learn More about Spear Phishing

Dangers of File-Sharing Networks

How to Delete Messages in Imail

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