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Computer Account Retention


Administrative Training Facilities

E-mail Delivery Status Notification

E-mail Attachment Filtering

E-mail Server Configuration Info

How to Send (Compose) an E-Mail Message to a Group in Imail

Resume Imail from a Disconnected Session

Imail Address Book

How to Use Rules to Block Spam in Imail

E-mail Non-Delivery Report Information

Delete a Group from the Imail Address Book Folder

Renaming E-mail Attachments

How to Use the Replied Addresses Address Book in Imail

How to Add a New Contact in Imail

How to Delete a Contact or Group

How to Search Your Address Book in Imail

How to Send (Compose) a Message in Imail

Adobe Software Licensing Program

Mathematica Software Licensing Program

Information Assurance Guidelines

Information Protection Procedures

Confidentiality Statement for Information Protection Policy

Confidential Information Addendum for Contractors

How to Create a Group in the Imail Address Book

How to Edit a Contact or Group in the Imail Address Book

Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Mac OS X

Wireless Setup for the IUP Network - Windows Vista



Use of E-mail Policy

How to Search the IUP Directory (LDAP) from Imail

When to Use the Imail Login Checkboxes for Fixed Network Address Check and Cookie Check

How to Use the Vacation Rule in Imail

Wireless Communications Guidelines

E-mail Privacy

Initial Logon to IUP Network

How to Redirect a Message to a Moderated Mailing List

IUP Network

Document Camera

Instructor PC

How to Read a Message in Imail

Find Your IUP Account Information (Username and Password)


XD1000U Product Brochure

XL25U Product Brochure

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User ID and PIN

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