Password Practices

  • Passwords are used to access various computing accounts and network resources at IUP. These include the network (IUPMSD) account,e-mail accounts, Moodle, Desire2Learn, MyIUP, and Banner. The network account provides access to various network services. See Network Services for Students for related information.

    Because passwords serve as the front line of protection for computing accounts, passwords are an important aspect of computer security. All IUP users are responsible for taking steps to secure their passwords.

    The practices identified below are recommendations for passwords on all IUP systems.

    Password recommendations:

    • Never give your passwords to anyone else. IT Support Center staff and other IT technology support units at IUP will never request your passwords.
    • Passwords should never be written down.
    • The minimum password length should be eight (8) alphanumeric characters.
    • Passwords should contain a number (example = rr383$un).
    • Passwords should expire every 180 days.
    • Systems should lock or disconnect users after periods of inactivity. The length of inactivity should be based on system options and requirements.
    • Do not use your previous passwords. Systems should retain a history of passwords, so users are not able to reuse the passwords in history.
    • Computing accounts on IUP systems should lock after five invalid password attempts.
    • IUP Web services that prompt for passwords should use SSL—Secure Sockets Layer—encryption. SSL is an established industry standard that encrypts the channel between a Web browser and Web server to ensure the privacy and reliability of data.
    • IUPMSD network authentication should be used when feasible on IUP systems.
    • Try creating a complex pass phrase that is easy to remember but hard to guess. ("Is It Fr1d@y Y3t?" would be an example of a complex phrase)
    • Need help making passwords?  Check out some of these free online tools. 
      Microsoft Password Checker
      Password Generator
      Norton Password Generator