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Ihelp Service

  • A service for reporting technology support problems or other technology requests to the IT Support Center.

    This service allows users to enter support requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while adding efficiency to the IT Support Center, allowing calls to be routed to the most appropriate technical staff. In addition, users will be able to view the status of their requests entered into the system at anytime.

    Faculty, staff, and students can access ihelp at http://ihelp.iup.edu, using their IUP network username and password to log in. After login, the user must enter a contact phone number, a brief subject, and a description of the problem. The user will also have the ability to attach a file if necessary. After the request is submitted, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference number of their call.

    The ihelp service should be used only for technology support except under these certain circumstance:

    • Student employees working in offices should have their supervisor log a ticket into ihelp, or the student employee can call the IT Support Center for assistance with logging the call under the supervisor's username.
    • You are experiencing a production failure that requires immediate attention.

    The IT Support Center would like to encourage all users to take advantage of this new service and only use the x4000 number for emergency support requests (production failures).