Connecting to IUP Network - iconnect

  • A Web-based utility called now makes it easier to configure and connect to the IUP wired network, regardless of your platform (PC or Mac) or operating system.

    You must know your IUP username and network password to use iconnect. See instructions for How to Reset Your Own Network Password.

    To use to connect your machine to the wired network, you must connect your machine to an active jack in your residence hall room, using an Ethernet cable.

    You can also view the PDF version with screenshots.

    1. Open a Web browser and go to
    2. The network setup will begin. Select the box to accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement, then click Start.
    3. XpressConnect will attempt to load. You may be prompted with a security warning. Deselect the check box to “Always trust content from this Publisher”, then click Run (Mac users will select Trust.)
    4. XpressConnect will begin. You will be asked to select which network you would like to join. Select one of the options (IUP Wired, IUP Wireless, or IUP Guest Wireless) and click Continue. To connect your machine using both wired and wireless, you will have to run the procedure twice—once for wired and once for wireless.
    5. If you try to connect to the wired network and you haven’t connected an Ethernet cable between your computer and the network jack, you will see a warning message and you will have to connect the cable before continuing. You will be prompted to enter your credentials for the IUP network. Enter your IUP username and your network password. Click Continue. Note: You can reset your network password. Be sure to turn off all wireless devices and when doing so. Do not change your network password while you are connected to the network using a wireless device.
    6. XpressConnect will attempt to verify your username and password on the IUP network. You can disregard the bubble that may appear asking for additional information.
    7. If you’ve entered the correct password and you’ve successfully connected your machine in your residence hall room or on the wireless network, you will see a dialog box indicating that you were successfully connected. Click Done.