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Moodle Service Request Forms FAQ


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The following list provides answers to the most common questions asked by instructors regarding Moodle Service Request Forms.

How is a teaching associate added to a Moodle course?

In the case of a Moodle Development course:

The owner (original requestor) of a Moodle Development course is able to add another course teacher or teaching associate via the form titled Add Additional Teachers to a Development Course.

In the case of a Moodle Semester-based Course-Section shell:

As with the Instructor of Record and registered students, teaching associates are automatically added to a semester-based course-section shell as a non-editing teacher.

Please see Moodle Course Categories for a full description of Development courses and semester-based course-section shells.

More information:

Formal teaching associates are entered into Banner and are assigned to a specific course-section by the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

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