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Announcements in Moodle


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There are several ways to present and view announcements in Moodle.  The IUP Moodle site page features a general news forum which is shown when you login.   Site administrators can post news on Moodle that would be of interest to the IUP community.  The most recent news items appear in the center column of the site page. 


By selecting the Site News link in the Main Menu block in the upper left corner of the site page you will be able to view current and archived news information.



Once inside a course announcements can be posted for participants in the course News forum.  The News forum is a forum designed just for general announcements.  This forum is automatically created and included with each course and placed in the top center section by default. Only teachers and administrators can add, delete, or reply to posts.  By default everyone enrolled in the course is subscribed to the News forum.  E-mail messages can be sent to subscribed members of the forum.



The news postings can include images as well as attachments at the instructors discretion.



Other features available to let participants know of news and related information is the Latest News, Upcoming Events blocks and with the Calendar.


The Latest News block contains recently posted items to the News forum displayed in a list. 

Older news topics can be accessed from this block as well.


The calendar can be used to display site, course, group, or user events.

There are links to each event to provide the participants with necessary details.


The Upcoming Events block shows a summary list of future events.  The information in the block is generated from calendar or activity deadlines. 

A link is provided to the calendar for full details.  New events can also be added to the calendar from this block.



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