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Navigating the Moodle course homepage


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The Moodle course home page has several formats.  The most common are the Topic and Weekly formats.  The formats are made up of block areas on the right and left side of the page with Resources an Activities grouped in the center column.  The center sections are divided by dates or topics based on the format chosen.

Let's take a look at the course homepage.  Select the image below to view a full screen image of a course page using the Topic format.

Moodle Course Homepage


The Navigation bar is the row of links on the top left of the course homepage.  These links are often called breadcrumbs however, that is a misnomer since they do not necessarily represent the exact path followed to get to the current page.

Navigation Bar

As seen in the course homepage image, on the right side you will see several blocks that once selected will jump to that feature.  In the standard blank course the Participants, Search, and Administration blocks are included.  Blocks are displayed on both the left and right of the center column and can be added, deleted, and moved around the sides as desired.  Select the image below to see a more detailed view of the blocks.


The center column is the main content area of a Moodle course.  The column is broken down into sections most commonly by week or topic.  The Resources, such as a link to a web page or and Activity such as assignment or quiz are added to this area and make up the content of the course. Select the image below to see a close up of the center section.




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