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Terms Related to the Anti-Spam Service


Terms and definitions related to the anti-spam service.


Junk or unsolicited e-mail sent in bulk, or e-mail that is fraudulent.

Content Filtering

The most commonly used group of methods to filter spam. Content filters act either on the content, the information contained in the mail body, or on the mail headers (like "Subject:") to either classify, accept or reject a message. (Source: Wikipedia)


A list of e-mail addresses or domains that the user considers acceptable to receive email from and whose messages should not be considered spam.


A list of e-mail addresses or domains whose messages should always be considered spam, unless the e-mail address or domain is on the whitelist.


The anti-spam service falsely identifies a legitimate message as spam.  This happens most often with messages from mailing lists.  The domain or e-mail address can be added to the whitelist to prevent this.


The anti-spam service falsely identifies a spam message as legitimate. 

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