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How to Change your Network Password


Please note: You should not reset your network password while using a PC, laptop, or other device connected to IUP’s wireless network.

  1. Before beginning, be sure to disconnect all PCs, laptops, and mobile devices from IUP’s wireless network. If you reset your network password while you still have a connection to the wireless network, you will lock out your network account, preventing access to all network resources, including:
    • the wired and wireless networks
    • the project directory (aka P drive)
    • your home directory (aka H drive)
    • the instructor’s drive (aka I drive)
    • Moodle / D2L
    • MyIUP
    • the Virtual Private Connection (VPN)
  2. After disconnecting all network devices, delete the your old network password (also referred to as cached credentials) from the device. See Delete your Saved Password from your IUP Wireless Network Setup for instructions.
  3. Open a Web browser and go to the IUP iaccounts.
  4. Select "Change your IUP network password."
  5. Select the check box next to the Network Password and hit the "Set Selected Passwords."
  6. You will be prompted to proceed after a short disclaimer. Click Proceed.
  7. Enter the new password again to verify it.
  8. Click Set Selected Passwords
  9. If the password change was successful, you will see a message indicating that it was completed successfully. If the password change was not successful, retry a new password with the recommended changes.
  10. You can reconnect your wireless devices and enter the new network password when prompted.

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