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WebCal Support Resources


WebCal is a full-featured web-based calendar product for IUP employees.  It includes daily, weekly and monthly agenda pages, task lists, the ability to create, edit and delete meetings, day events, daily notes and tasks, and the functionality to access the agendas (calendars) of other users.

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Learn more about WebCal:

How to Find your WebCal Password
How to find your initial WebCal password.
How to Change your WebCal Password
Login to WebCal (http Click the Change Password icon. Enter your old password, then type in a new password, and enter the new password again to confirm it. Keep in mind that the WebCal password is case sensitive, so
How to Reset your WebCal Password
What to do if you can't remember your WebCal password.
WebCal Reference Guide
A step-by-step guide for using WebCal, the university's online calendar for employees.
Frequently Asked Questions: WebCal
Having a problem with WebCal? Your question may already be answered in the FAQ.
User Preference Defaults for WebCal
The recommended user preference defaults for WebCal at IUP

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