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Mapping the P Drive


Please watch the demo or follow the steps listed below to map a drive to the Project Directory Service.

Watch demo now Watch demo

Listed below are the steps required to map the P drive. These steps are demonstrated on a PC running Windows XP but are similar for Windows Vista.

  1. Open My Computer, select the "Tools" menu, then select "Map Network Drive."

    PDS map drive 1
  2. Select the letter "P:" from the top drop down menu (or you may select a different drive letter if this one is already in use). In the folder box type: \\iupa06\project$ (please note that this is not case sensitive).

    PDS map drive 2
  3. To ensure that the drive is available after the machine is rebooted, place a checkmark in the box labeled "Reconnect at Login," then click "OK."
  4. Click on "My Computer" and confirm that the drive is mounted. It should appear as "project$ on 'iupa06'".

    PDS map drive 3

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