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How to Use Imail


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Imail is IUP’s web-based e-mail interface. Explore the links below to learn about reading, sending, managing, and deleting e-mail messages from your imail account.

How to Login to Imail
How to log in to imail.
How to Log Out of Imail
Be sure to log out of imail properly to protect your account.
Frequently Asked Questions about Imail
Browse these questions and answers to learn more about imail.
Imail Lite
Learn the basics of using imail Lite, an alternate layout for accessing your IUP e-mail account.  This is a great option for those with slow internet connections.
Imail Mobile
Learn the basics of using imail Mobile, an alternate layout for accessing your IUP e-mail account.  It is intended to be used on portable devices like tablets and smartphones.
How to Set Your Default Layout in Imail
You can choose a default layout option - called My Default - when logging into imail.
How to Change your E-mail Password
How to change your e-mail password using imail.
How to Read a Message in Imail
How to read e-mail messages in imail
How to Send (Compose) a Message in Imail
Learn how to send a message in iMail, with or without attachments.
How to Send (Compose) an E-Mail Message to a Group in Imail
Send a message to several people at once using groups in imail
How to Add a Signature to All Messages in Imail
Find out how to add your signature to all your outgoing messages.
How to Delete Messages in Imail
Deleting messages in imail is a two-step process.
How to View the Sender of a Message in Imail
How do you know who really sent you an e-mail message? Checking the sender’s information can tell you!
How to Use Filter to Find Messages in Imail
The filter messages option in imail allows you to locate messages based on criteria you enter.
How to Use Search to Find Messages in Imail
Use the search option to find messages.
How to Manage Your Messages Using Folders
Just as you can create folders your computer to group files by subject, you can also create folders to group your e-mail messages.
How to Manage Sent Items
Within imail, you have the option to save a copy of each message you send.
Trash Management
The Trash Management feature provides users with options to manage deleted messages in their imail account.
Resume Imail from a Disconnected Session
imail has an inactivity time out to preserve system resources and to increase session security. Find out how to resume your session if you've been disconnected.
Imail Address Book
The imail Address Book folder allows you to save individual e-mail addresses and groups.
How to Use the Vacation Rule in Imail
The Vacation Rule allows you to compose a message that will be automatically sent to whomever sends e-mail to your account when you are away from the office for an extended period of time.
How to Use Rules to Block Spam in Imail
If you are repeatedly receiving spam messages that have some common characteristic, you can block these by establishing filtering rules in imail.
How to Change the “From” Address in Imail
By default, your e-mail alias will be used as the from address with imail. If you wish to change this to use your e-mail address instead of your e-mail alias, follow these steps.
Frequently Asked Questions: E-mail Alias
FAQ for the E-mail Alias and related services
How to Find or Change Your E-mail Alias
Your e mail alias can be obtained using URSA or by searching for your name using the IUP People Search webpage.
When to Use the Imail Login Checkboxes for Fixed Network Address Check and Cookie Check
When you need to use the checkboxes to login to imail

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