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DVD-VCR Combo Device


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RC897T Super Multi DVD Recorder/VCR with Digital Tuner

  • Super Multi DVD Recording (DVD-RAM, DVD+RW/+R, DVD+R Double Layer, and DVD-RW/-R)
  • DVD-RAM Time Shift
  • Progressive Scan Technology
  • Superior Picture Quality with DVFX Recording
  • HDMI Out (1080p Up-Scaling)
  • DVD to VCR/VCR to DVD Recording
  • USB Media Plus
  • LG SimpLinkT Connectivity
  • Compatibility with All Standard Disc Formats
  • Digital ATSC Tuner
  • Easy & Smart User Interface
  • Maximum Playback
    • DVD Video and Video Tap
    • DVD-RAM, DVD+RW/+R, DVD+R Double Layer, and DVD-RW/-R
    • CD Audio, CD-RW/R
    • JPEG, MP3, WMA
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