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Personal Web Space for Students


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Students can create personal web pages in the wwwiup folder on the H: drive.  Any files saved in this folder will automatically be visible on the internet.   It is recommended that your main page be named index.htm.   Index.htm will appear automatically when your main web address is typed in a browser.  Your web address is (Remember to replace "username" with your four-letter username when entering your web address.)

Some features of this area are:

  • Network disk space of  50MB.
  • Backed up on a regular basis.
  • Accessible from all campus public computing labs and IUP residence halls as a mapped drive.
  • Accessible from off campus drive using a drive mapping.  See How to Map the IUP Standard Network Drives.
  • Accessible only by owner of the disk space.
  • Student web pages are stored and published in the Home Directory. Web pages are placed in the WWWIUP folder which is the web enabled folder.  DO NOT DELETE THE WWWIUP FOLDER IN YOUR H: DRIVE:

All files in the wwwiup folder are automatically visible on the internet.

The first time you put files into your wwwiup there can be a delay of twenty-four hours before it becomes viewable.

Your web address is

Naming the file “index.htm” will cause it to appear when your main root web address is typed in to a browser. 

The public computer labs on campus have software for creating and editing web pages. 

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