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What to do if you forget your URSA PIN


If you can't remember your URSA PIN (Personal Identification Number), and you've previously set up your security verification question within URSA, you can set the PIN on your own.  If you have not set your security verification questions within URSA, you will need to contact the IT Support Center.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click Former Student Login under the Former Student and Alumni section.
  3. Enter your Banner ID (including the @ symbol).
  4. Click Forgot PIN?
  5. You will be prompted with your security questions. Enter the answers, then click Submit Answer.
  6. After successfully answering your security questions, you will be prompted to enter a new eight-character PIN. Enter the desired PIN and then re-enter it for verification purposes. Click Reset PIN.

    Note that the PIN must be eight characters (both numbers and letters are allowed). 
  7. If you've successfully reset your PIN, you will see the URSA menu. If the PIN numbers didn't agree, or if you entered an invalid character, you will see "New PIN number verification error!" and you will be prompted to reset the PIN again.

    Last modified on 5/16/2014 11:44:09 AM

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