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How to Read a Message in Imail


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  1. Log in to imail.
  2. Your Inbox folder will be displayed after logging in, and this is where new messages will be delivered. New (unread) e-mail messages will have a closed envelope icon next to them, and they will be displayed in a bold font. By default, the message list displays twenty messages at a time. To view the next set of messages, click the arrow buttons on the crimson toolbar.

  3. To read a message in the preview pane, click on the message in the list.

    To read a message in a separate message window, double-click on the message in the message list.

    While previewing a message in the preview pane, you can click Next Unread to read the remaining new e-mail messages. You may also click Previous Message or Next Message.

    While viewing a message, you can use the Go to Top/Bottom of Message buttons to quickly jump to the beginning or end of the message.


    If you click the triangle to view headers, that settings remains on until you click it again to turn it off. It’s recommended to keep this on so that you can see the recipients of a message.


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