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Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Session in Moodle 2.x for Students


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Blackboard Collaborate will be available for use and officially joins the IUP online learning toolset in Summer 2013. The Collaborate product will replace Wimba Classroom as the IUP Web-conferencing product at the end of Spring 2013.

  1. Launch Moodle and enter the desired course.
  2. Once in the course, you will see various links that will enable you to enter the Blackboard Collaborate Session. The simplest way to enter a session is to pick the link in the week or topic section of the course. Simply click on the title of the session. In our example, it is titled Online Class. If you choose the link in the Activities block you will have to click one more time on the link that shows the name your instructor gave the session in order to access the join window.
    Student Accessing Collaborate Session
  3. The join window will display the name, the session name, description, the beginning, and ending time of the session. It will also display the boundary time if your instructor has chosen to make it visible. The boundary time is how long before the actual session start time you can access the session. Click on the Join link to enter the Collaborate session.
    Collaborate Join Session Link
  4. The Blackboard Collaborate webpage opens. You will need to leave this webpage open until you are actually in the room. The browser you are using may ask you to open the file that needs to be downloaded, or warn you that the file may be harmful. You will need to Open the file as indicated by your browser. A file titled meeting.jnlp will be downloaded to your machine. You will see the meeting.jnlp file begin to download. You may also be asked to accept the Blackboard Collaborate license agreement. Select the Accept button.
    Launching Blackboard Collaborate
  5. You may be asked to select your Connection Speed. From the drop-down menu, select the speed you use to access the Internet from your location. For example, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a broadband provider, you would select Cable/DSL.
    Setting Connection Speed in Collaborate
  6. The Collaborate Room will open and appear similar to the image below.
    Collaborate Student Window

Please see the Getting Started with Web Conferencing section of our Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing page for more useful information for participants.

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